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PTE Coaching Australia

For test takers, PTE preparation can seem overwhelming, and if they don't receive proper guidance or training, it can become even more challenging. The focus-driven approach we take at EduTrainex enables us to provide top-notch PTE Coaching in Australia that helps students and immigrants prepare for PTE exams and achieve their goals. Our online PTE preparation program is unique, with features designed not only to assist test-takers in every way possible, but also to provide them with feedback that could help them improve in the future.


Online PTE Preparation Classes in Australia

When you search for Online PTE training, what do you look for? You look for best quality, price, flexibility and convenience. The dilemma in the minds of most test-takers is which one would be the best for them and how you judge that you will get the most out of it. Nevertheless, not everyone can guarantee the best quality of teaching or flexibility in class timing.

So, you can benefit from an online PTE preparation program in terms of those aspects. Firstly, An online PTE preparation program such as that offered by EduTrainex allows you to get taught directly by experts who are pioneers in providing English language training, as well as have a higher success rate among students.

Secondly, A great preparation for the PTE exam online will also include facilities for watching recorded classes if you missed any or even videos about the different types of PTE questions, among other things. In addition to that, students should have access to ample practice questions, guidance, and feedback. With EduTrainex, you will not only be able to use such facilities, but also get an innovative Intelli-assistant that will monitor your performance for each question type and provide you with personalized tips. Moreover, our tutors receive alerts of a student's struggles, and once we know, we communicate with him or her to resolve the problem. Isn't that great?


PTE Practice Test

We offer a free one-month trial of the application and will let you try our innovative learning platform, which will provide 100 practice questions for free, as well as 5 live classes. After you are satisfied with our services, you can decide to purchase a subscription, which includes PTE practice tests or is included in the package. The tests include sectional, mini-mock, and full-mock tests to get you prepared for the exam gradually, of course at your desired pace.

In our detailed feedback, our tutors provide personalized suggestions and improvement plans based on your weak and strong areas. Practicing questions and mock tests on our learning platform will surely pave way for you to achieve your PTE goals. With a variety of mock tests on different PTE sections as well as mini and full mock tests, we offer our students a total of 30 mock tests, which is a huge benefit for the price you are charged. Our PTE experts and technologists have worked hard to give you high-quality questions that are equal to the level of the PTE test itself.

Many of our questions available for practice and in the mock tests are actually real PTE exam questions, that will give you a real flavor of the test. Our detailed feedback will help you pinpoint your problem areas and then we also help you to improve them. So, join us today by selecting one of our subscription plans from here.


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Finally, when you have prepared well, we can help you book the test after you have finished your preparation. PTE Test Booking in Australia can be done by using the official PTE website to find the dates that work for your schedule. It is always up-to-date and you will be able to pick up the available dates at an exam center close to you. In general, we can give you a sense of when it gets really busy and when it's more available, but because it's a year-round exam, nothing is truly predictable; it's more of a guide.

For example, if you need to give the exam quickly, the best bet will be to find whatever dates are available closest to your target date. Students at EduTrainex are provided with pre and post-test consultations, as per the subscription plan, and with our premium plan, students get unlimited consultations before and after the exam, as many times as it takes to pass. In these consultations, we cover a wide range of topics, including familiarizing you with the exam setup and breaking up nervousness.

Our classes are focused on firstly growing your English language and PTE test skills and then we focus on getting you more acquainted with the actual test. Our PTE specialists will give you personalized attention both in online classes as well as in classroom-based tutoring. The students also have the option to go for 1 to 1 consultation with our tutors as per their chosen subscription plan.

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