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What is PTE?

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English, which has been created by Pearson PLC group. The test is designed to validate and assess the usage of English language of non-native English speakers. There are three types of PTE exam – PTE Academic, PTE General and PTE Young Learners.

Facts about PTE Academic

The exam has a duration of 2 hours and is completely computer based, which means you give the entire test on a computer in an authorized test centre. The evaluation of your responses is also performed by the PTE software, which makes it faster and un-biased. You get your results within 2 to 4 days, unlike other English exams like IELTS or TOEFL where the results take a longer time to be announced. This is the most popular exam format, which is now accepted by more than 3000 institutions, colleges and professional bodies. Additionally, the UK, Australian and New Zealand governments also accept the score for all visa tiers.

PTE General is less popular among students and PTE Young learner test is designed for young children (aged 7 to 12 years).

Overview of PTE Academic Test

The PTE academic test comprises three sections, which are Part 1 – Speaking & Writing, Part 2 – Reading and Part 3 – Listening. Within these sections, there are in total of 20 types of questions which assesses different skills of English language of any test giver. The test score comprises Communicative skills which includes the breakdown of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking scores, as well as Enabling skills such as Grammar, Oral Fluency, Spelling, Vocabulary, Written Discourse and so on. Although the enabling skills score provides you a breakdown of how good you are in different areas, but they are not used for the purposes of university or visa applications. The marking of communicative skills is used by universities and government bodies.

PTE Academic Practice Test

Once you have completed your preparations for the test, you need a lot of practice tests in order to get more confident. The official PTE website allows you to buy scored PTE Academic practice tests for a price of $35.99 USD each (as of April 2022). There are five versions of the PTE Academic practice test on the official PTE website (A, B, C, D & E), and each test has a different set of questions and is of same duration of 2 hours. The test scores are also calculated by the same PTE software which assesses the actual exam, so these tests provide you the real flavour of the actual exam.

However, one should take these tests at the very end of their preparation, to get an indication of how the actual test performance will be. Before buying these PTE Academic practice tests, one should focus on Pearson PTE mock tests, that are provided by PTE training providers such as EduTrainex.

Pearson PTE mock test

So, where do you practise the mock tests? Any good online PTE training provider such as EduTrainex provides you with Pearson PTE mock tests. You normally get your score breakdown as well as feedback on the areas where you are lacking and need to improve.

Best website for Pearson PTE Mock Test

Why should you choose the Pearson PTE mock tests from EduTrainex? At EduTrainex, we do provide full length Pearson PTE mock tests, just like the actual exam. But we also go a step further, in providing different types of mock tests, including the sectional Pearson PTE mock tests, which you can use to focus on any sections you find challenging, such as Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening individually. We also provide mini-Pearson PTE mock tests, which intends to acquaint and prepare you for the actual test. These tests are half the length of the real test and gives you an opportunity to gradually get the flavour of the real test.

Additionally, not only do we provide you a real exam like score breakdown, but we also provide you personalised and detailed feedback for each question, so that you understand your weak areas and focus on improving them. These Pearson PTE mock tests will not only provide you detailed feedbacks, but also tips and strategies on how to improve them, which will gradually elevate your scores to the desired levels.

Best website to practice PTE Academic

When you start on the ominous task of which finding which online PTE training provider is the best, you need to consider a lot of things. First of all, you need to determine which one has the quality of teaching. You do that by doing your research on the websites by reading reviews, coverage of articles and videos and also feedbacks from previous students.

Next, you need to check the prices and packages to determine which one is the best website to practice PTE Academic. You need to weigh the number of benefits you are getting for the price and make a judgement of which one you feel best. After that, you should analyse if the website is actually helping you to improve. The best websites to practice PTE Academic, such as EduTrainex, will provide you ample practice questions, along with detailed feedback, live classes, recorded classes, explanations for each practice question and different types of mock tests. In the end, you need to make a judgement of how many facilities you are getting for the price offered.

At EduTrainex, we go to the next level, where our Intelli-assist will be monitoring your progress all along and will advice you personalised guidance on the areas you are struggling with. It also has features to alert the tutors automatically, if it finds you are struggling with any task. In response, the tutors would organise extra classes or 1-to-1 sessions to address your weaknesses and help to improve you.

Overall, at EduTrainex, we provide the practice contents, questions and also mock tests, which makes us one of the best PTE training provides across the world. We really care for our students and we believe students’ success is our success.

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