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Types of Scholarships in Australia

Scholarships for international students are commonly misunderstood as not being available. It’s not true. International students in Australia are provided with different types of scholarships by Australian universities and colleges in order to reduce the obstacle related to finance. 

There are scholarships that cover all of your course costs, some that cover a portion of the costs, others that cover one year of costs, and others that provide a one-off payment for financial assistance. 

Generally, the various types of scholarships in Australia are based on academic merit, although some funding is also available for students from developing countries. It is important to note that scholarships may be restricted to students from specific countries, while others may be limited to a specific course, the field of study, or qualification level (postgraduate degrees, for instance). 

In order to assist with funding for their studies, there are a number of types of scholarships in Australia available to international students. In this article, we will not just be dealing with the list of scholarships, but I will also be sharing some important tips to keep in mind before you apply for these scholarships. Some of the most common scholarships are listed below. 

Australia Scholarship #1 Merit-Based Scholarships 

International students are awarded these types of scholarships in Australia based on their academic performance. In order to obtain this scholarship, universities have given certain criteria. A good grade and an academically sound record are the most important criteria for international students. 

Scholarships for international students include Chancellor’s Scholarships, Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships, Dean’s Scholarships, Excellence Scholarships, and Leadership Scholarships. There is, however, a limited validity period for scholarships. Therefore, after receiving scholarships, students are required to maintain academic requirements depending on their university and college. 

Australia Scholarship #2 Faculty & Departmental Scholarships 

Students from abroad can apply for this scholarship based on their interest in studying. There is a high demand for this scholarship as it is merit-based and available to a wide range of international students. In order to be eligible, students must meet scholarship criteria. 

Furthermore, the departmental scholarship program includes scholarships in the fields of music, dance, arts, drama, language, and theatre. The following are a few common faculty scholarships: 

1. Architecture and Design Scholarship  

2. Arts and Humanities Scholarship  

3. Engineering Scholarship  

4. Accounting and Business Scholarship 

5. Information Technology and Computer Science Scholarship  

Australia Scholarship #3 Accommodation Scholarships 

International students meeting the appropriate criteria are eligible for this type of scholarship. The purpose of it is to make colleges or universities more affordable for international students who wish to pursue their careers in Australia. The accommodation scholarship includes the room and settlement costs. Nevertheless, students who are unable to meet the criteria for merit-based scholarships can apply. 

4. Sports Scholarships 

Sports-talented international students are eligible for this scholarship. It does not matter if you are a talented athlete seeking a full-ride scholarship to your dream college or a club sports athlete seeking a recreational scholarship. The criteria vary depending on the student’s sports category. This scholarship provides designated entry opportunities for student-athletes. In addition, it aims to assist athletes in achieving academic success and career transition. It also helps to develop individual University clubs by supporting athletes. 

5. Equity Scholarships 

Students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees are eligible for this scholarship. This type of scholarship supports students from disadvantaged backgrounds with their general study costs. Low-income students and students experiencing financial hardship are eligible for an Equity Scholarship. Additionally, this is available to students with personal medical conditions, disabilities, and dependents with special needs. 

6. Provider scholarships 

Scholarships are regularly offered to international students who meet academic merit criteria by Australian education providers. For additional advice and information, contact the admissions team or international office at the provider you are applying to. The organization or institution that offers the scholarship sets all the scholarship conditions. Therefore, the applicants need to contact them directly.   

7. Government Scholarship 

International students wishing to study at Australian universities can apply for this scholarship, which the Australian government provides. The scholarship is divided into the following categories: 

Australia Awards: 

The program provides scholarships and fellowships to international students so they can afford their studies. As part of Australia’s extensive scholarship programs, the Australia Awards aim to promote knowledge and education links between Australia and its neighbors. The Australian government shares a large amount of money yearly to help students realize their dream of studying abroad. 

Endeavor Scholarship: 

A government-funded scholarship for international students who wish to study in Australia for a postgraduate degree. Masters scholarships have a maximum value of $140,500, while doctoral scholarships have a maximum value of $272,500. There are three components to this amount of money: a travel stipend ($3,000 AUD), an establishment stipend ($4,000 AUD), and a monthly payment ($3,000 AUD), along with health and travel insurance. 

The Research Training Program (RTP): 

There are several scholarship programs in the Research Training Program, including Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA), International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS), and the Research Training Scheme (RTS). Block grants will be awarded to participating universities annually. International students who wish to study in Australia are then eligible to receive these grants. In 2018, the awards will pay a stipend rate of $42,307 per year. 

Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships (AAPS):  

The program is open to students from the Pacific region who are international students. Due to the merit-based nature of these scholarships, the applicant’s previous academic achievements will determine their selection. The scholarship lasts as long as the student expects to complete the course within the specified time frame. Moreover, a preparatory course usually lasts for one year before you can apply for the scholarship. 

Destination Australia 

Destination Australia Program (DAP) is an Australian Government program that provides scholarships to domestic and international students studying in regional Australia. For up to four years, students can take a Certificate IV through a Ph.D. on regional campuses across Australia with a Destination Australia scholarship worth up to $15,000 per student.

Knowing about the scholarships in Australia isn’t enough. Unless and until you know how to apply for it, it’s no use. Here are a few tips you can use to gain a scholarship. 

Tips for applying for different types of Scholarships in Australia

In order to increase your chances of receiving a scholarship, you should take the following steps: 

  • Invest some time in researching scholarships as early as possible: Start by listing all potential scholarship providers and scholarships available to you, along with the costs they cover and application requirements. When you apply for your course, some institutions automatically consider you for scholarships; you do not have to apply. 
  • Make sure you provide all the documentation required: It may be necessary to provide academic transcripts, a letter of offer, and references. Make sure you obtain certified and translated copies as needed. 
  • Ensure your eligibility for each scholarship: Some scholarships are only available to international students from certain countries, while others may be restricted to particular courses, fields of study, or levels (for instance, some scholarships are reserved for German students studying music). 
  • Be sure to meet all the requirements: It is important to read the fine print on the application form carefully before filling it out. It is so because some scholarships have additional requirements (such as writing an essay or personal statement) and strict terms and conditions (such as word limits and deadlines). 
  • Make sure to review your application with someone who speaks fluent English: Grammar and spelling errors could cause scholarship committees to overlook your application. 
  • Make sure you apply for as many scholarships as possible: A scholarship of any amount is still better than none at all, even if it is for a lesser amount. Therefore, if you don’t receive a scholarship or it doesn’t cover the full duration of your course, be sure to reapply in future years. 
  • Get assistance with applications: Before applying, check with the institution or organization offering the scholarship to find out if you are eligible or the application requirements. 

Therefore, as you can see, international students who wish to study in Australia can apply for various scholarships to help them fund their studies. It’s important to keep in mind that scholarships are highly competitive. So you shouldn’t count on them to cover all your expenses, but they are definitely worth pursuing.

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