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Study Sports Science in Australia

Interested in turning your sporting hobby into a career and enthusiastic about science? Study Sports Science in Australia. It could be the perfect fit for you! 

Not sure which university would be best for you? Then here I am to help you out in such a dilemma.  

In this article, you will not only read about the best colleges to study sports science in Australia but also about the fees, scholarships, and much more! Keep on reading for more info!! 

Study Sports Science in Australia 

The beauty of Australia’s beaches, reefs, and wide, open plains make it popular among tourists and students alike. According to statistics, Australian cities rank as some of the world’s “most liveable cities” due to their appealing climate, affordable cost of living, and diverse educational opportunities. 

Australia is now the third most popular destination for international students, behind the USA and the UK, making it one of the most popular study-abroad destinations. The Australian Government invests over $200,000,000 annually in international scholarships to welcome international students with its multicultural population – 49% of Australians were either born overseas or had a parent who was born overseas. 

The high-quality standard of education offered in all sectors of Australia attracts over 760,000 international students from a wide range of countries. The students are from countries all over the world, from China and India to Brazil and Colombia. Australia has more than 1200 institutions and 22,000 globally recognized courses, including some of the best universities in the world for studying exercise (physical) sciences, with over 1,200 institutions and 22,000 courses to choose from. 

In light of Australia’s renowned sporting culture, this ranking should come as no surprise. Sport and physical activity are an integral part of Australian culture, whether for enjoyment, competition, or to improve health and fitness. Students from around the world are drawn to Australian institutions because of this remarkable passion for the sport. 

Why study sports science in Australia? 

The three-year undergraduate degree in exercise and sports science offered in Australia will enable students to learn about scientific and applied aspects of the sport, exercise, and health. After completing an undergraduate course, exercise and sports science students have the option to continue their studies with a postgraduate or master’s degree, which is usually one or two years long. 

A wide range of leading institutions offers exercise and sports science courses in Brisbane, from engaging in the creative spaces at Queensland University of Technology to enrolling at the prestigious University of Sydney, in the heart of one of Australia’s largest cities. International students can choose from a variety of leading institutions offering exercise and sports science courses, whether they wish to explore Western Australia’s beautiful landscapes or the University of Notre Dame Australia. 

In order to ensure that the exercise and sports science courses meet a high standard of excellence, almost 100 courses from 25 Australian institutes are accredited by Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA). This professional organization is dedicated to establishing, promoting, and defending the careers of tertiary-educated exercise and sports scientists. 

Through ESSA’s rigorous accreditation system, students complete an accredited exercise and sports science qualification that provides an exemplary study experience and aligns with competency standards for entry into the profession. Additionally, graduates of an ESSA-accredited course can be assured that they will be highly trained and capable of practicing safely in their field. 

Once an exercise and sports science qualification are completed, a variety of career opportunities are available within and beyond Australia. Regardless of whether further study is required for some roles, a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (or similar) will prepare students for enrollment in their desired study area, such as clinical exercise physiology or sports science. 

Reasons to study in Australia 

With its multicultural diversity, Australia is one of the most popular, unique, and multicultural study-abroad destinations, making it easy for international students to fit in.  

Thanks to their friendly and welcoming nature, Australians are known for their laid-back atmosphere no matter where they go. Australia’s unique and diverse natural environment, which features red deserts on one side and rainforests on the other, contributes to the country’s charm.  

Some of the best student cities around the world are located in Australia, which is home to several top-ranked universities. Prepare yourself for a life-changing study abroad experience in Australia if all this sounds appealing to you! 

Here are more reasons to study in Australia.

Sports Science in Australia: Bachelor’s Degree

Human movement, exercise, and the health benefits of physical activity are all part of the study of sports sciences. It covers a wide range of topics related to our general well-being, such as nutrition, movement mechanisms, optimal performance during workouts, and the physical limits of the human body. 

Sports Science interconnects other academic disciplines, such as Physiology, Biomechanics, Psychology, Anatomy, and Chemistry. You can choose from different subdisciplines within Sports Sciences: Sports Coaching, Sports Rehabilitation, Exercise Science, Sports Development, Nutrition, Food Science, Athlete Training, and more. 

The study of sports sciences aims to answer questions like:  

  • How do our bodies function under intense physical strain?  
  • Is there an exercise that is most effective for building muscle or increasing stamina?  
  • Is there a way to help athletes reach their maximum potential without injuring themselves?  
  • Is a sedentary lifestyle physically and mentally harmful? 

There are many subjects that make up a typical Sports Sciences curriculum, including Nutrition, Health and Disease, Strength and Conditioning, Sports Psychology, Sports Injury Prevention, Functional Anatomy, Performance Analysis, Human Movement, and Exercise Instruction. 

Graduates of Sports Sciences can pursue careers such as:  

  • Physical Education Teachers 
  • Nutritionists 
  • Performance Analysts  
  • Sports coaches/therapists 
  • Fitness center managers 
  • Strength and conditioning specialists, etc. 

Here’s a list of colleges offering Bachelor’s degrees in different courses related to Sports Science. 

CollegeDegreeCourse DurationTuition Fees
1. University of CanberraBachelor of Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitaion4 Years36,000 AUD/ Year
2. University of CanberraBachelor of Sport and Exercise Science3 Years31,500 AUD/ Year
3. Swinburne OnlineBusiness – Sports Management Major3 Years43,500 AUD/ Year
4. University of Technology SydneySport and Exercise Science (Honours)1 Year36,336 AUD/ Year
5. Deakin UniversityBachelor of Exercise and Sport Science – Bachelor of Nutrition Science4 Years39,200 AUD/ Year
6. Australian Catholic UniversityHigh-Performance Sport (Honours)1 Year25,568 AUD/ Year
7. University of the Sunshine CoastClinical Exercise and Sport Science (Honours)4 Years28,600 AUD/ Year
8. Curtin UniversityExercise and Sport Science (Honours)1 Year41,300 AUD/ Year
9. Torrens University AustraliaBusiness (Sports Management)3 Years3,345 AUD/ Module
10. La Trobe UniversityExercise Science3 Years38,000 AUD/ Year
11. University of TasmaniaExercise and Sport Science3 Years34,116 AUD/ Year
12. The University of Western AustraliaBachelor of Biomedical Science – Exercise and Health3 Years41,500 AUD/ Year
13. Flinders UniversitySport, Health and Physical Activity3 Years31,000 AUD/ Year
14. Edith Cowan UniversityExercise and Sport Science3 Years37,250 AUD/ Year
15. Queensland University of TechnologyPodiatry – Graduate Entry2.5 Years40,000 AUD/ Year

Sports Science in Australia: Master’s Degree

There are a number of Australian colleges and universities that offer premium courses in exercise and sports science. Here’s a list of Universities that offer Master’s courses in Sports Science. 

CollegesCourseDurationTuition Fees
1. La Trobe UniversityMaster of Management in Sport Management2 YearsAUD 80,800
2. University of CanberraMaster of Strength and Conditioning2 YearsAUD 83,200
3. University of Technology SydneyMaster of Sport Management1 YearAUD 53,640
4. University of QueenslandMaster of Sports Medicine1 YearAUD 41,536
5. Bond UniversityMaster of Sport Management/ Master of Project Management2 YearsAUD 94,965
6. University of Southern QueenslandMaster of Science- Sport and Exercise2 YearsAUD 75,200
7. University of NewcastleMaster of Philosophy (Exercise and Sport Science)2 YearsAUD 65,330
8. University of QueenslandMaster of Psychology- Sport and Exercise (Field of Study)2 YearsAUD 89,376
9. University of NewcastleMaster of Exercise Physiology2 YearsAUD 71,980
10. La Trobe UniversityMaster of Sport Analytics2 YearsAUD 76,400

What are the best Australian universities to attend? 

Approximately 40 universities are located in Australia, with most of them being public universities. In addition to their Australian branches, many Australian universities have satellite campuses overseas. The following types of degrees are available in Australia: 

  • Bachelor’s degrees (undergraduate) 
  • Research Master’s requires a final thesis containing at least two-thirds of the research; entry requirements are a Bachelor’s degree (Honors), a Master’s preliminary year, or a research-based graduate diploma. 
  • The admission requirements for professional Master’s programs are based on relevant education and professional experience or extensive relevant professional experience. 

Here’s how to apply 

You can download the application form and all required documents online directly for the university study program. 

You will receive a ‘Letter of Offer’ if your application is successful. Upon receiving this letter, you must sign and return an acceptance letter to confirm your application. 

Eligibility to attend an Australian university: 

Enroll in Preparation Courses 

Before starting a Master’s degree or other postgraduate programs, these courses give degree-seeking students an extra educational boost.  

Become more fluent in English by taking an English-language preparation course 

When attending a degree program in Australia, you may need to prove that your language skills are sufficient to participate in classes and comprehend lectures. As a result of these courses, you will also be able to take any university-required English language tests. 

A test of English language proficiency 

Australia has over 60,000 English-taught programs. 

It’s important to show proof of good English-language skills to universities in Australia. This will help you to succeed in their courses. All Australian universities accept these official English exams: 

  • PTE 
  • IELTS 
  • TOEFL 
  • C1 Advanced 


So pursue your dream of making a career in Sports Science by studying in the best colleges in Australia. You will get a number of options to choose from. Therefore, make the most of it and explore the opportunities the country has to offer! 

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