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Study Medicine in Australia

Australia continues to be among the most popular destinations for students seeking a degree in Medicine. The association between the medical profession and life makes it a noble profession. The country puts a strong emphasis on quality education and has given the same consideration to its medical studies.  

Here’s what you need to do if you want to study Medicine at one of the 13 Australian universities as an international student. But before that take a look at the list of the best Universities in Australia. 

1The University of MelbourneMelbourne, Victoria
2The University of SydneySydney, New South Wales
3RMIT UniversityMelbourne, Victoria
4Victoria UniversityMelbourne, Victoria
5Curth University – AustraliaPerth, Western Australia
6Deakin UniversityBurwood, Victoria
7The University of QueenslandBrisbane, Queensland
8Monash UniversityMelbourne, Victoria
9The University of AdelaideAdelaide, South Australia
10La Trobe UniversityMelbourne, Victoria

Medicine in Australia

Listed below are the Medicine courses offered in Australia for Indian and other international students, along with their eligibility criteria and admission process: 

Medical Education Structure 

It is important to understand the educational structure of Australian medical studies before we move on. The Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery degree (MBBS) was a bachelor’s degree before 2004, whereas the Doctor of Medicine degree (MD) was a graduate degree reserved for research training. However, both of these programs required a bachelor’s degree to be eligible (meaning they were graduate programs). Medical studies are now qualified as master’s degrees under the AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework). 

Currently, there are two levels of entry into Australian medical schools. Generally, undergraduate medical programs are those that accept students after matriculation or high school. The courses usually last about 5 – 6 years and lead to an MBBS degree. The graduate degree program is usually four years long and confers the MD degree. 

The MBBS program in Australia for Indian students 

According to the AQF, the MBBS program in Australia consists of a six-year program consisting of both theory and practice-based learning. You can check out about the AQF Levels in the Australian Education System. The majority of medical schools in Australia only offer graduate-level programs in Medicine (MD), but there are a few good schools that offer undergraduate programs as well. There are several good examples, such as the University of Adelaide and the University of New South Wales. 

Eligibility to study Medicine in Australia: 

  • English Language Proficiency 
  • Minimum 17 years of age (which might vary from university to university) 
  • Completion of Higher secondary education from a recognized board/institute 
  • PCMB with English as one of the main papers and an overall score of 65% in high school. 

The MD program in Australia for Indian students 

The majority of medical courses in Australia are graded at Level 9 as master’s programs, conferring the degree of Doctor of Medicine. There are many top universities in Australia that offer this 4-year graduate program. 

  • The University of Melbourne 
  • Deakin University 
  • The University of Sydney 

Some universities’ medical programs do not call it MD and have a different nomenclature. Check the entry level to determine whether it is a graduate or undergraduate program. Often, it states clearly that this is a graduate program. 

It is important to note that a student may not have completed a bachelor’s degree in medical sciences or any other science. Medical schools in Australia do not require students to have a particular subject. Despite this, a student who lacks a thorough understanding of the biological sciences might have trouble passing the GAMSAT or the MCAT, which is a compulsory requirement for admission. 

What I am trying to say is if you have a bachelor’s degree in biology or psychology and clear the GAMSAT, then you can become a doctor in Australia. 

Admission Process to Study medicine in Australia 

Documents required: 

  • Transcripts and GPA from your high school/bachelor’s degree. 
  • Scores from relevant exams – GAMSAT and MCAT 
  • Interview 
  • Admission Essays 

The Process: 

  • The information above must be submitted to the International Office of the University. 
  • Based on applications received, universities create a merit list after combining your GPA of three years’ academic performance and your MCAT/GAMSAT scores. 
  • Shortlisted candidates will receive an invitation for a Skype interview. 
  • Candidate selection is followed by admission to the program. 

MBBS and MD programs in Australian medical schools begin in January. Students should apply a year in advance, and often the deadline is around September of the previous year. Candidates whose applications are submitted after the university’s deadline will be considered for the next-to-next session. For instance, January 2023 admissions would close in September 2022. After September 2022, applications will be considered for January 2024 intake. 

What makes MBBS in Australia so appealing?  

In spite of the difficulty of MBBS admissions in Australia, many international students dream of becoming doctors here. Australia is a great place to study MBBS for the following reasons:  

  • The Australian MBBS degree is recognized worldwide, so students can practice anywhere in the world with it.    
  • Academically strong international students can benefit from MBBS + MD in Australia.  
  • For MBBS admission in Australia, NEET is also accepted in many cases.  
  • In addition to general practitioners, there are opportunities to become a therapist, a surgeon, an optometrist, etc.  
  • MBBS graduates from Australia earn an average salary of AUD 85,000 per year. 

Australian MBBS Course Details 

There are three main steps to MBBS in Australia – Scientific Basis of Medicine, Clinical Practice & Medical Professional Development, and Personal Development. According to university requirements, MBBS entry requirements in Australia vary. Listed below are the top 5 colleges for Australian MBBS Course, with their respective details. 

UniversitiesDurationCourse FeesAdmission RequirementsELP Scores
1. Monash University5 YearsAUD 797,000 per annumIndian Students with 65% in classIELTS: 7.0
PTE: 65
2. UNSW Sydney6 YearsAUD 485,750Indian Students with 97% in class
SAT: 1370
IELTS: 7.0
PTE: 65
3. University of Queensland6 YearsAUD 324,608A GPA of 5 in subjects of PhysicsIELTS: 7.0
4. University of Adelaide6 YearsAUD 324,608Completed high school level CherIELTS: 7.0
PTE: 65
5. University of Melbourne4 YearsAUD 349,223An Undergraduate degree in anyIELTS (Academic)

Scholarship Details for Studying Medicine in Australia 

The Medical Council of Australia accredits the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, or MBBS course in Australia. Medical students who wish to have a career in medicine often choose to study MBBS in Australia. For international students studying MBBS in Australia, the average total fee per year is around $300,000. 

However, many universities in Australia offers different types of scholarships to ease out the troubles of students who want to study in Australia but have insufficient funds. Here is a list of some of the scholarships entailing the details: 

ScholarshipApplicable forMax scholarship per studentNo. of awardsScholarship typeSpecial restriction
1. Jared J. Davis GrantAll Universities in AustraliaRs. 74.390 (1,000 USD)1Merit basedNo Special Restriction applicable
2. QS Undergraduate ScholarshipAll Universities in AustraliaRs. 4,11,700 (5,000 USD)1Merit basedNo Special Restriction applicable
3. Dr. Jade Malay High Achiever ScholarshipAll Universities in AustraliaRs. 82,340 (1,000 USD)2Merit basedOnly for Woman
4. Vice-Chancellor’s Academic Excellence Undergraduate ScholarshipsAll Universities in AustraliaNot AvailableVariesMerit basedNo Special Restriction applicable
5. Griffith Remarkable ScholarshipWestern Sydney Universities in AustraliaRs. 3,16,899 (5,667 AUD)VariesMerit basedNo Special Restriction applicable
6. VU Alumni DiscountVictoria Universities in AustraliaRs. 1,99,519 (3,820 AUD)VariesNeed & MeritNo Special Restriction applicable
7. ACU International Student ScholarshipAustralian Catholic Universities in AustraliaRs.8,69,731 (16,160 AUD)VariesMerit basedNo Special Restriction applicable
8. The Vue Ville Future Technology Scholarship 2020All Universities in AustraliaRs. 37,195 (500 USD)1Merit basedNo Special Restriction applicable
9. Mawista ScholarshipsWestern Sydney Universities in AustraliaRs. 3,35,520 (6,000 AUD)VariesMerit basedNo Special Restriction applicable
10. Monah International Scholarship for ExcellenceMonash Universities in AustraliaRs. 5,19,700 (10,000 AUD)10Merit basedNo Special Restriction applicable
11. South Asia Excellence ScholarshipThe University of Newcastle in AustraliaRs. 5,59,200 (10,000 AUD)VariesMerit basedNo Special Restriction applicable
12. VU Global Leaders Scholarship (Undergraduate)Victoria Universities in AustraliaRs. 3,94,972 (7,600 AUD)VariesMerit basedNo Special Restriction applicable

Job Roles After Medicine Study in Australia  

As a result of their field of specialization and practical knowledge, international students can find jobs in the following fields after MBBS in Australia: 

Job RolesAnnual Salaries
Doctor/ Medical PractitionerAUD 124,400
PsychiatristAUD 130,730
Medical ResearcherAUD 84,000
PhysiologistAUD 79,000
Medical ScientistAUD 79,500
ImmunologistAUD 368,800
SurgeonAUD 162,650
CoronerAUD 93,000

MBBS in Australia Related Degrees    

If an international student is unable to get into MBBS in Australia, he/she may apply for other related courses. These are like:  

  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery  
  • Bachelor of Oral Health  
  • Bachelor of Nursing  
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science  
  • Doctor of Medicine  
  • Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences  
  • Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences (Advanced)  
  • Bachelor of Medical Studies  
  • Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences (H) 


There is, therefore, an excellent international reputation for quality training and research in Australian medical schools. According to the latest QS World University Rankings by Subject, eleven Australian universities rank among the top 150 in medicine. Among these, the University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, Monash University, UNSW Sydney, and the University of Queensland rank high. 

I hope this article will help you in getting an idea about the structure of medicine courses in Australia, eligibility, exams required, and validity. Additionally, you get to know the universities that rank at the top, course details, fees, and job roles of students. 

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