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Study Engineering in Australia

To study Engineering and Computer Science in Australia has become one of the chosen places for the budding engineers. As a field of study, computer science combines the study of algorithms and data structures with their application to hardware and software. At the present time Computer Science plays an important role in advancing technology through its creation, development, application, and evaluation.  

Presently, a variety of services are operated and supported by computer-based systems in society, including ones associated with finance, energy, transport, health, and communication. So, in this program, students learn advanced programming and data analysis skills which they can apply in fields ranging from bioinformatics to digital humanities. Here is explicitly the list of top colleges offering engineering and computer science courses in Australia. 

S.No.Name of the universityWorld Rank*
1The University of Melbourne15
2The Australian National University17
3The University of New South Wales29
4The University of Sydney38
5The University of Queensland39
6Monash University51-100
7Queensland University of Technology (QUT)51-100
8RMIT University51-100
9The University of Adelaide51-100
10The University of Western Australia101-150

However, in this article, I will discuss the 4 colleges that offer best study of Engineering & Computer Science courses in Australia. Additionally, I will also discuss their eligibility requirements and the fee charges. 

Read the article to the end because I will also be telling you about the scholarships that the colleges can offer for the study of Engineering & Computer Science courses in Australia. Furthermore, the duration of the course, the prospects & salary of this course, and visa pathways. 

To begin with the best colleges, the number one on the list is: 

1. The University of Queensland 

So as already discussed above, Computer Science is the field looking at the theory and applications of computing technologies across different domains. 

Basically, the university’s main goal is to design, develop, analyze and build computer-based systems to shape the digital future. 

At this point, there has been an extraordinary speed of change in digital technologies. We will continue seeing technological advancements, such as machine learning, AI, big data, and automation, transforming our work. 

The Bachelor of Computer Science is a three-year program to provide students with a deep understanding of all aspects of computer technology. So this program will teach you how to create and analyze computer-based systems through a combination of theory and hands-on experience. During your studies, you’ll develop the analytical, logical, and develop skills needed to advance computing. 

In addition to over 50 years of experience in teaching computer science, you will join a university that will provide you with solid technological foundations and skills to be able to create, develop, implement, and evaluate new technology and systems for use in our society. 

As noted the program offers specializations in cyber security, data science, machine learning, programming languages, and scientific computing. Therefore, after graduating, you’ll be ready to launch into an exciting career with skills in high demand from some of the world’s largest technology companies. 

Prospects of this course: 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are skills required for all 5 of Australia’s most promising jobs (LinkedIn 2020 Emerging Jobs Report Australia). 
  • ACS Australia’s Digital Pulse reports that the demand for technology workers will rise by 100,000 by 2024 (ACS Australia’s Digital Pulse 2019). 
  • Over the past five years, Australia’s technological workforce has grown by 2.5% per annum (Australia’s Digital Pulse 2019). 
  • It is estimated that 82.5% of graduates find full-time employment within six months of graduation (Computer and Information Systems Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching, 2019). 

Range of entry scores 

The following table shows the range of entry scores for recent secondary school graduates who were offered places in the B Computer Science program for Semester 1, 2022. 

Without adjustmentsWith adjustments

Entry Fee 

A rough estimate of the tuition cost (16 units) per year. First thing to remember, depending on your chosen courses and study load, your fees may vary. However, each year, prices are reviewed and may increase. At this time, for the year 2022, the fees were- $6,710 

Government assistance 

A Commonwealth-funded undergraduate degree program in computer science is available to domestic students. Hence, you and the government share the costs of your education. 

Students who receive Commonwealth Support pay what is called a student contribution amount instead of tuition fees. 

In order to help eligible students with the costs of their student contribution amounts, HECS-HELP is an Australian Government loan program. 


Nevertheless, scholarships can help you afford your university education. In the meantime, some of the opportunities are: 

And many more. Visit the official website of the University of Queensland for more information. 

2. University of Western Australia 

Not to mention, in society, engineering can make a profound difference and improve lives. It must be remembered that the study of engineering innovation will prepare you to tackle worldwide challenges. Summing up you can explore engineering careers and learn skills that will prepare you for the future – from designing minuscule electronic devices to creating some of the world’s biggest buildings. 

By studying Engineering at UWA, you will learn to, 

  • The application of mathematics, numerical, statistical, and computational sciences underpinning engineering disciplines to real-world problems is essential. 
  • Understand engineering’s ethical, social, environmental, and financial responsibilities, opportunities, and constraints 
  • Demonstrate leadership and teamwork 
  • Effectively communicate with professionals and non-technical people 
  • Solve real-world problems using your knowledge of engineering sciences and design principles 

Work Experience 

Firstly, with the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), you will have the opportunity to participate in work-integrated learning (WIL), which will include: 

  • Get hands-on experience and skills relevant to the industry 
  • Bringing theory and practice together 
  • Work experience in science can help you develop employability skills 

In addition to your studies, you will take part in a 12-week practicum and professional development experience. You can accomplish this by working in an engineering environment for at least eight weeks. 

Quick Details on Engineering 

To enumerate there are 9 degree-specific majors. Up to the present time the minimum ATAR that you will need is 80. The intake for this degree takes place in February and July. In around 4 years, the degree will be completed without a doubt. 

Requirements for admission 

This course requires the following qualifications: 

  • An ATAR of 88 or higher is required 
  • Demonstrate proficiency in English 
  • Achieving your preferred major’s prerequisites 

Fees and scholarships 

Particularly, students are charged by unit for their contributions. For this purpose, go to the Fee Calculator and select “I want to price my units” for an estimate. To point out, indexation is applied to annual fees every year. 

Students from all backgrounds can apply for scholarships, regardless of their academic accomplishment, financial need, educational disadvantage, leadership experience, artistic accomplishment, or geographic location. 

Domestic Students 

The HECS-HELP loan scheme is available to domestic students who are eligible for a Commonwealth-supported place. The course credit points are- 240. 

Employment and career development 

The job market is favorable for graduates with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and a Bachelor of Science. The broad range of career paths they can explore as engineers and scientists is a result of their strong background in science, as well as their comprehensive practical skills in engineering. The potential jobs that you can get after completing your course are:  

  • Engineer 
  • Data scientist or analyst 
  • Statistical analyst 
  • Physicist 
  • Mathematician 
  • Software Developer 
  • Environmental Consultant 
  • Computer scientist 
  • Conservationist 

3. University of Sydney 

Professional engagement starts on the very first day of your engineering degree and continues throughout your time at the University of Sydney. 

Over 100 cross-disciplinary majors and minors are available across the campus to help you integrate advanced computing and project management into your studies. 

The network of 1200+ industry partners of the University will help you hone your leadership and technical skills. This can be done through internships and work placements with the network of real-world opportunities. 

The graduates are among the most sought-after employees in the world because of these experiences and more. In this aspect, the University ranks first in Australia and fourth in the world for graduate employability. 

Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software Engineering) 

This course teaches you from planning and designing to coding, quality assurance, and management. You will understand all aspects of software production. Develop a working knowledge of programming and computer languages, data structures, algorithms, databases, data-centric computing, operating systems, and software project management. 

To whom does it cater? 

Coders and teamwork enthusiasts who enjoy creative and analytical thinking will enjoy software engineering. There are many career paths you can take. For example, information security specialists, database programmers, system test engineers, web developers, and software analysts. 

International Studentsmust must pay an application processing fee of A$150.00 who apply to study onshore. Applications made within one year are subject to a fee (two semesters or four research periods). 

Now let me tell you about the exceptions: 

This fee is not required if you are: 

  • Students who are currently enrolled or completing a course at the University of Sydney.  
  • Full-scholarship student. 
  • Attendees of recruitment events or roadshows who have signed fee waiver forms. 

The living costs are as follows for the study of Engineering & Computer Science in Australia: 

Make sure you budget for living expenses, including accommodation, food, and lifestyle. There is a rough guide to living costs in Sydney provided by the university. 

You can visit the official website for detailed information on additional costs and many others. 

4. Monash University 

Undergraduate engineering courses at Monash University are designed to maximize career prospects and encourage students to diversify their study options. 

Engineering single degrees 

With 19 traditional and new engineering specializations and minors available, Monash offers a four-year Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree. Spend your first year at Monash gaining a solid foundation in engineering concepts and disciplines, as well as learning about the Monash difference. You can choose from ten different engineering specializations at level two. Add one of ten minor engineering studies at levels three and four to your expertise. 

Advantages of completing engineering course at Monash: 

Career Readiness (current students access only):

 You get to develop your employability skills, gain work experience, meet industry professionals and make the most of your time at Monash Engineering. 

Continuous Professional Development (CPD): 

Students in the Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Professional Engineering programs at Monash Clayton are required to participate in CPD. Consequently, this helps pupils to develop professionalism in them. 

Engineering Co-operative (Co-op) Education Program: 

Co-op programs offer students the chance to gain valuable industry experience while completing their degrees through paid internships. 

IBL (Software Engineering): 

Students get to participate in a full-year industry experience (IE) project designed to prepare students for a smooth transition into the workforce. 

Monash Industry Team Initiative (MITI): 

Become part of multidisciplinary teams with leading Australian and global companies. 


Monash Engineering offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, designed not only to recognise academic excellence, but also to enable students from diverse backgrounds to study engineering. 

Scholarships for future students to study Engineering & Computer Science in Australia

At Monash University, they celebrate academic excellence and support the under-privileged students. They offer a wide range of scholarships to help ensure that money and circumstances are not barriers for promising students to access the world-class education that Monash Engineering offers. 

The Faculty of Engineering provides financial support through the following scholarships: 

  • Engineering Excellence Scholarship 
  • Engineering Indigenous Excellence Scholarship 
  • Engineering International High Achievers Scholarship 
  • Engineering (Honours) Masters Accelerated Pathway Scholarship 
  • Women in Engineering Scholarship 
  • University-wide Scholarships and many more. 

Know more about the scholarships and in detail information about the course from the official website. 


Australia has always been the epitome of best education and education quality. If you want to know in detail why is it so then you can read the blog: Reasons to Study in Australia. And further if you want to know about the best colleges in Australia, then you can watch the video on our YouTube channel. All the colleges in Australia provides facility of scholarship. Study Engineering and Computer Science in Australia, if you want to avail them then you need to know the eligibility criteria for all of them. It is so because different colleges have different criteria for it. 

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