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Thinking of taking the PTE test, but struggling in the writing section? Are you wondering how to improve your PTE Writing score? This article will tell you all about it.  

Additionally, you will understand the areas where you lack; and where you need polishing. After getting acquainted with these, you might still be worried about how to correct the mistakes committed in the test. However, you need not worry, as Edutrainex will guide you through the PTE preparation process. So, let’s unfold the PTE Writing section and ways to improve it. 

Introducing PTE Writing 

The PTE test consists of three parts. The first part is Speaking and Writing. The next is Reading and then Listening. The first part is the one where you need your English to be impeccable. Due to several factors, sometimes, PTE test takers find it difficult during the tests to write down answers that come into their minds. Hence, it is crucial to get assistance from a professional team that would help you outdo yourself in the PTE writing. 

Now, let us see what the writing section expects you to do. The PTE writing test intends to test the ability to write persuasively and concisely in English, in an academic context. This means that it is not free-style writing. The test takers should not use terms and abbreviations which are not used in written English. 

According to Edutrainex PTE trainers, this writing test is about good grammar, spelling and punctuation. In addition to it, the test also needs a clear concept and management of time. Let’s see what’s more into the PTE writing skills and tips about how to crack this exam. But before proceeding, check out the scoring guidelines of the writing section.  

Scoring and Marking of PTE Writing

There are two types of written questions in a PTE writing test. Every PTE test taker should be aware of this. 

The first is Summarize Written Text

In this question, the student reads a text and then has to write a one-sentence summary of the passage. The answer should be short and crisp. Within 10 minutes you will have to write your summary. Make sure to include the main points of the reading passage in a full, single sentence of 5 to 75 words. Want to know how its scoring is done? Let us show you. 


Summarize Written Text Scoring

Content, Form, Grammar and Vocabulary are the areas that are marked. If all the relevant aspects are covered in the content then you will get two marks. Partially covered content will get you 1 mark and no mark in an irrelevant one. Additionally, if the answer is between 5 to 75 words then you will get an easy 2. But if there is less than 5 words and more than 75 words, it will get you 0 marks. 

Furthermore, correct use of grammar and appropriate choice of words will fetch you 3 marks. An answer with no grammatical errors in a PTE writing test will get you two marks. A few or more grammatical errors will get you a score of 0 or 1.  

If you wish to learn the strategies and tips, along with answers and explanations for this task, please read PTE Summarize Written Text | Tips and Template.

Next, is Essay Writing

In this task, you will have to write an essay in 200-300 words on the given topic, in 20 minutes. You will have to make sure that whatever you write, is about the question prompt. The task is to write an argumentative essay. Now let’s see how the marks are distributed. 


Write Essay Scoring

If all the relevant aspects are covered in the essay then you can score 3 marks. If 1 aspect is missed then you will get 2 marks. Missing multiple aspects will get you 2 marks and irrelevant content will get you 0 marks. Then you are marked on development and structure. Good development and logical structures will give you 2 marks. If the sentence is less well structured, with some poorly linked elements it will get you 1 mark. Any loose element will get you 0 marks. 

It doesn’t end here. After content and structure, you will be marked on form, general linguistics, grammar, vocabulary and spelling. Let us tell you more about it. 

If the essay is between 200-300 words, then you will get 2 marks, 120-199 or 301-380 will fetch you 1 mark. Whereas, in 120 to 380 words you will score no marks. Then your smooth mastery of linguistics will get you 2 marks. If you have a sufficient range of language then you will get 1 mark. The basic language and less precision will get you no mark. 

Furthermore, for the overall development, structure, and coherence, you can get a maximum of 2 scores. If you have consistent grammar, good command on vocabulary and correct spelling with absolutely no mistakes will get you 2 marks. Fewer mistakes, fair command and 1 spelling mistake will fetch you 2 marks. But if your answer is full of mistakes, use of basic vocabulary and more than 1 spelling error is there then you will get 0 mark. 

Wondering, how to score accordingly? But first of all, let us see the areas where students make mistakes resulting in fewer marks. 

Common mistakes in PTE Writing by test takers

The first mistake done by the PTE test takers is that they write less than or more than the word limit. The second is that they fail to understand the topic. Then there are a few students who write the introduction same as the topic, hence leading to deduction of marks. Next is the use of informal language and incorrect use of phrases or quotes.  

English and Grammar always go hand in hand. So, as stated earlier, it is an important aspect of the PTE writing test. Therefore, one should avoid wrong use of punctuations, spelling errors and inappropriate use of vocabulary. The generous use of ‘and’ is not fitting for the PTE writing test. The last is conclusion. Not writing a conclusion is indeed considered inappropriate. 

After getting to know about the mistakes, let us make you aware of the problems that a PTE test-taker faces in the writing section. 

Problems in PTE Writing

Having good answers in mind, but not able to express them in writing? Yes, this is the most common difficulty the South-Asian PTE test-takers face. The reason for it is a lack of good grammar, knowledge, etc. 


South-Asian PTE test-takers tend to find it difficult to use the tenses correctly. Sometimes, they start the sentences in one tense and then shift to another. Lack of knowledge about the present, past, and future tenses is also one of the main problems. Some people don’t know the proper past participle to be used in a sentence. For example, “They swim to the boat,” but the right answer is “They swam to the boat.” 

Subject Verb Object 

SVO: Subject + Verb + Object order is the standard order. But it is common among them to mess up the order due to a lack of proper training.  

Singular and Plural Nouns 

According to Edutrainex PTE trainers, students often commit mistakes in using singular and plural nouns. South-Asians find it challenging to use the singular/ plural agreement in sentences.  

Lack of Structure 

The structure of a sentence is the backbone of English writing. A sentence lacking an appropriate form will fail to relay the message or concept of the sentence intended to be. Such sentences are unacceptable in a PTE writing test. 


Furthermore, lack of coherence is also one of the common mistakes that we see in these writing tests. The sentences you write should have logic, meaning and be easy to understand.  

On the whole, these are the common areas where PTE test takers face problems. We guess by far, you must have related to the above discussed points. Wondering how to deal with it? Here’s how. 

Steps to improve PTE writing

Expert Assessment 

Now, this is the best part of this blog that will be a saviour for you. Getting a professional or expert assessment from Edutrainex PTE Specialist can help you ace your PTE writing test. Edutrainex will train you in many ways to get you through it. We will give online sessions, pre-PTE tips, practice questions, detailed feedback and other assistance required.  


Always assess yourself. Practice the sentences and find out the mistakes. Accept the mistakes and try practicing again by avoiding those mistakes. 


Once you understand your English writing mistakes, prepare an improvement plan. Give more attention to your grammar and vocabulary in the sentences. Practice questions with different tenses, past participles, and singular/ plural agreement. Then try writing sentences with the correct written structure – SVO.  


Practice writing essays with simple sentences. Always practice writing in the correct written structures and avoid complex structures. Try using only 1 or 2 complex sentences per essay. You should always use a well-defined structure, such as one provided by Edutrainex. You may also choose to use ready-made templates, which can also work for you, but you need to be careful in fitting the appropriate content in those templates.    

Tools to improve your grammar 

Additionally, you can also use free tools such as Grammarly to check your grammar and for the practice of other grammar-related suggestions. However, you must not rely on it completely and use it for learning and practice. 

Getting Feedback 

Getting tips and corrections from an expert PTE trainer will be a massive help for you. Feedback from a PTE expert will help you understand your weak points in writing. You will get to know what types of mistakes you commit while writing English. It will certainly help you to improve them and avoid the same in the future.  

PTE experts will also give you tips and strategies to ace this exam. Practice the strategy given by your PTE trainers. Keep improving and practicing its questions for your upcoming test.  

By now, you must have got an idea about how Edutrainex will be your beacon of light. Know more about our role. 

How EduTrainex can help you improve in PTE Writing 

  • The Edutrainex Online platform is one of the most effective result-oriented platforms. 
  • We give detailed explanations and visual performance analysis for each question/answer. Along with it, a full PTE standard breakdown assessment of the Speaking and Writing tasks  
  • Every day assignments and exercises help the students to improve their English ability. This is essential for success in the PTE test. 

What next? 

In conclusion, our online platform and live classes are excellent options to prepare for the PTE exam. It will be the best choice for you to hone your writing skills. Our PTE experts will guide you throughout the process, and we assure you of improved results and collective performance. Therefore, click here to start your PTE preparations and get the assistance of experts from Edutrainex.

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