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PTE Success story

Witnessing others who have achieved success is the best motivation to work hard. I am sure you couldn’t agree more with this! PTE success story is the one that a person looks for first when they dream of pursuing higher studies in Australia or other countries. Or even those who wish to settle abroad. It pumps them to prepare for it, making them believe that they also can do it! 

Being a PTE trainer, I have interacted with many students. And trust me, it HAS BEEN, and it is a gratifying experience. Every time a student contacts me by email or Social media with the news that they have passed or have cracked the PTE exam, it gives me a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. Students achieving their scores is enriching because this allows them to move on with their future plans. 

Here’s one such PTE success story I will share with you. When I read Riyaz’s message, my heart overflowed with happiness. 

“Cracked the PTE exam! Couldn’t have been able to do it without your support and guidance. I thank you sincerely for being the perfect torch-bearer for me!” 

Ah! and that overwhelmed me to the core.  

Allow me to introduce you to Riyaz 

Riyaz, from Pakistan, had the urge to study abroad, so he wanted to take the PTE exam. Riyaz’s preparation was quite rigorous in the months leading up to the PTE, lasting approximately one month. On his fourth attempt following our third tutorial, he nailed the exam – an overall score of 70!  

Wondering if he used some tricks or shortcuts for the exam? The answer is a big NO! It was all about his hard work, dedication and consistency that led him to success.  

As Riyaz began preparing for the PTE, he spoke fluent English and was very proficient in general English. Relatable, right? 

Perhaps you are wondering why you could not get your scores on the PTE? Try to understand this. The PTE is a combination of language knowledge and preparation for the test, which means you have to know exactly what is expected of you for each section. 

My journey with Riyaz in his PTE Success story

My first tutorial with him involved correcting his writing exercises, listing his grammar mistakes, and providing study material. He needed to work on some grammar issues in his writing. Additionally, he was unaware of what he was doing wrong or how to correct them. 

Want to know what his secret was in dealing with these problems? It takes a great deal of commitment to study grammar and learn the methods and practice. As the saying goes, ‘Attitude is a little thing that makes a great difference.’ Riyaz devoted a lot of time and effort to our online PTE training platform, Edutrainex, and sent in all his assessments for grading.  

The story of Riyaz’s PTE success story with Edutrainex 

Prior to joining Edutrainex, Riyaz had already taken the PTE thrice, but he did not achieve his goals. Despite his intensive study and practice of Speaking and Listening techniques, he struggled with Writing and Reading. 

When he came for the first session, Riyaz said, “I seriously need more practice in Writing and Reading.” And after the session, he said, 

“I saw my marks increase after taking my one-to-one tutorial.” 

He said he did half of his preparation while solving the mock tests. There were a total of 30 mock tests. 5 questions were there under each section: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. This doesn’t end here. There were 5 mini mock tests and 5 full mock tests. Solving these practice papers gave me confidence and acquainted me with the real exam scenario. 

Each PTE task had visual performance and time management analysis. As you know, time is very crucial in this exam. So constant monitoring over time becomes utterly essential. Further, he was not only guided by the PTE experts through my journey, but there was someone else too- Intelli-assist. Intelli- assist is what he liked the most about our Edutrainex platform. It provided useful tips and suggestions while practicing for the exam. Intelli-assist also informed if there was an improvement from the last time. 

At Edutrainex, he got detailed feedback and evaluation for his answers. As a result, he was completely aware of all his flaws and strength. He said that feedback was one thing he missed earlier and also one of the main reasons he couldn’t improve. 

Throughout each tutorial he demonstrated a willingness to learn and make the most of it.

His learning of the tasks that made PTE success story

Studying and implementing the methods, he reordered the sentence to include subject, verb, and object. He stated that the technique was very useful. According to Retell Lecture, the framework is excellent since it guides you and lets you know what to do. 

Describe image? Riyaz said it was certainly one of the toughest, but he managed to solve it. Anurag’s method can be applied no matter which image you get, and he explained why. The process is simple. The structure facilitates fluency. 

He further stated that with Edutrainex’s framework, you could complete the essay in 20 minutes. For essay writing, he developed his own framework so he would not lose time thinking about the structure and could focus on the topic. 

The conclusion of his PTE Success Story 

We all know that an individual’s attitude can make or break their success. Certainly, Riyaz’s attitude was the key to his success. He was motivated to learn, listened carefully, and considered his responsibilities as a student. 

Riyaz shares his personal success story of how he achieved his goal through PTE. Here, I simply wanted to share Riyaz’s story, and I truly hope it will inspire you to continue striving and not giving up. Riyaz kept one thing engraved in his mind, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” He worked hard throughout the PTE journey and VOILA! He made his way!! 

It was great to speak with Riyaz about his PTE success story and experience. I hope you too enjoyed reading his journey. 

Every end has a new beginning. 

Once Riyaz had his results, he applied for his PR since the PTE was the only thing missing from his application. Riyaz is looking forward to investing in his career and growing professionally.  

Our best wishes to you, Riyaz, as you embark on all your future endeavors! 

Riyaz’s PTE Experience 

I sent him a few questions, and he was kind enough to answer them all in detail. 

1. You scored a whooping 70 in PTE. Do you think PTE is simpler than IELTS? 

In my opinion, PTE is not simpler than IELTS. Considering that it is a different test, some students might find it more appropriate. Due to my lack of confidence in my speaking ability, I had always found IELTS speaking part daunting. I never experienced this hesitation in PTE since I only talked to a computer. Honestly, I would strongly advise you not to take PTE for granted. As long as you prepare properly, you can do well. I am grateful to have received the right resources and guidance, which made all the difference for me. 

2. What was the most challenging PTE task you encountered, and what did you do about it? 

For me, speaking was the most challenging part. The describe image and retell lecture were difficult for me. I had already tried PTE a couple of times before. Therefore, I didn’t want to take the chance again. Thus I took the online training class for PTE by enrolling myself in Edutrainex. After reviewing the assessment report, I was blown away. It was an eye-opening experience for me. I finally realized what was wrong with my process and how to make improvements. 

3. Did you prepare using any particular study materials? 

Like many others, I started watching YouTube videos for free. Eventually, I became confused because YouTube offers many different videos of varying quality. As soon as I discovered Edutrainex’s online platform, I stayed with it. At Edutrainex, you will find the authentic practice materials prepared by the authorized PTE experts. The mock tests they provide will serve as the real savior. It will give you an idea about the real exam scenario.  

The best advice I can give aspiring students is to choose a few good and reliable resources and stick with them. Do not be misled by thousands of free videos on YouTube or anywhere else claiming to be free and trustworthy. It is always better to spend on good paid courses because all of it is worth it when you succeed. 

4. Would you like to share another insight with our students? 

Don’t let failure discourage you. All you have to do is follow the proper guidance and put in some effort. I achieved a 70, so could you, and even more! Persistence always pays off. 

Try to be just like Riyaz. Have faith in yourself and stay committed to your goals. Success will be at hand! 

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