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Are you completely snowed under with lots to do to prepare yourself for the PTE test? Preparing day and night to score full marks in the PTE reading section but still unable to get through it? So do not worry, my friend! I will be telling you the PTE reading tricks and tips to ace the exam. 

As you know the Pearson Test of English, also known as the PTE, is one of the most popular English language tests for candidates wishing to study or settle abroad. The PTE exam has four sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. Therefore, this article will focus on the Reading section of the PTE and tips and tricks to excel at it. 

Read along as I will discuss the most commonly followed PTE Reading tips and tricks and PTE Reading test strategies. 

Things to be kept in mind for PTE Reading Tips and Tricks

There are several ways to improve your reading skills, but you need to focus on those that would be fruitful. To enhance your reading skills, work on speed and comprehension simultaneously. As a result, you’ll improve your grammar, vocabulary, and writing abilities. You are already aware that there is little time available to answer all questions. Therefore, it is essential to read quickly, using effective reading strategies. 

Practicing speed reading will help you increase your reading speed. Make sure you practice speed reading every day and: 

  • Attempt to read at least 220 words per minute 
  • Read short articles of approximately 300 words 
  • Read frequently for a short periods 

During your school time, you must have felt a different zeal in sports or competitions because you had your friends by your side cheering you up, making sure that you won them all. So you can try this here as well. Take it as a challenge with your friends to keep motivated. Having mastered your comprehension, focus on chunks (groups of words) rather than individual words. Once you reach a level of proficiency in reading, you will feel more confident answering questions. 

PTE Reading Tips and Tricks

To help you master the PTE Reading test, I’ve listed some of the ultimate PTE Reading section tips and tricks for your benefit. 

1. Become a Better Reader

 It is said that Reading is to the mind is what exercise is to the body. So let reading become a part of your routine. Make it a habit of reading at least 5-7 pages a day. It will help you inculcate a feeling of love for it. After following this for a few days, this habit will turn into a passion. And the more you read, the more new words you will learn. 

i. Go at your own pace. 

As you read, take your time because the faster you read, the less likely you will comprehend. As you become more adept at reading, slow and careful reading will make you faster.  

ii. Read books that intrigue you. 

A book you don’t like might not be your cup of tea. The more interested you are in a topic, the greater your chances of understanding texts that may generally be too difficult for you. When you enjoy and engage with the process of reading, you are more likely to stick with it. 

iii. Use the dictionary sensibly. 

Concise dictionaries can help you learn new words. Sometimes relying on it can be helpful, but it also slows you down, so try to use it sparingly and wisely. In addition to knowing the meaning of a word, you can also rephrase the sentence. Guess the meaning of the word through its context, and you will not have to look it up. 

iv. Be a regular reader. 

Choose books from a variety of genres. Read fantasy, romance, mystery, and adventure to learn your genre. Indeed, you will find a book that speaks to you and an author who will meet your expectations and exceed them. 

v. Get reading materials. 

Browse libraries and bookstores in your area. If you like to read, these places will suffice. After all, who doesn’t like to read good books? I bet you’d be on cloud nine if it were free. At Edutrainex, you will find a lot of reading materials to help you with your reading skills. Reading books that interest you is the first step to improving your reading skills. 

vi. Be purposeful when reading. 

Identify your reading goals. Knowing your reading purpose will help you decide how to read a particular book or text. A novel you read for pleasure differs from a test question you read for an exam. 

vii. Get your feelings in. 

Clear your mind before you start reading. Forget all the worries of the things that trouble you. Let go of all the unwanted thoughts and concentrate. By reading, you can delve into another world, imagine the character’s appearance, and feel the character’s joy or pain if you so desire. Take it all in! 

2. Boost your vocabulary

It is said that one forgets words as one forgets names. A person’s vocabulary needs constant fertilizing, or else it will die. And I don’t think that being a PTE test taker, you can afford to do that. 

Try to become a person that reads for interest. Increase your vocabulary by reading more and more articles and magazines. Additionally, PTE reading material often relates to history, science, and current events, so these sources will also help prepare you for reading the PTE material! 

3. Pay attention to technical details: Synonyms & Collocation

Talking of the English language, only one thing comes to our mind, Grammar! Without it, English is just a body without a soul. And this soul is draped using excellent vocabulary. Pay heed to the synonyms. Synonyms are said to be the alternatives to any given word. Prepare yourself because PTE reading section texts contain synonyms for keywords. Make a goal of learning atleast 10-20 synonyms every week. 

Then there comes Collocation. These are the words that are mostly grouped in the English language. For example, “animals propensity,” “subtle lingering.” The PTE reading sections are full of collocations, so learn as many as possible! Set your goal of learning about 10-20 collocations per week. 

Homonyms and heteronyms are the most notorious but intriguing parts of the English language. Some words sound similar but have different meanings, whereas others have the exact spellings but are entirely different in meaning.  

Homonyms sound identical but have different spellings. Like “sale” and “sail.” Heteronyms are words that sound different and have different meanings but have the exact spellings. For example, “I present you this present.” The former “present” means to give, and the latter means gift. So make sure to prepare a list of these words and learn to use them appropriately. 

4. Word Rule

If you read an article, try not to have more than three unknown words in one paragraph. If this happens, write down the terms, then look up their definitions as well as synonyms. Now, reread the passage along with your written definitions. 

5. Time management

Being a PTE test taker, you must be aware of time management. So you just do not simply read down the text. But it is also essential to complete the Reading within a particular time limit. Attempt to read at least 220 words per minute. This will help you in skim reading the text in the reading tasks. At Edutrainex, we provide graphical time management analysis for each type of question. This helps students to manage and improve their time. Additionally, our exclusive feature of intelli-assist will also monitor this. It will give you an alert at various stages of your practice.  

  • Grammatical usage is of utmost importance to this section. 
  • Eliminate all unnecessary words. 

6. Use PTE Reading strategies

After following the above-given tips and tricks, you also need to follow the Reading strategy. Read on to unlock them. For strategies and tips for each of the PTE Reading tasks, please click here:

Start with reading the question first. This will help you identify what you have to look for in the passage. 

  • Focus on the keywords. These will help you find the main idea of the text. 
  • Learn to paraphrase. Do you know what paraphrasing means? It is your ability to present the same idea in your own words. The answers are usually paraphrased versions of the questions. 
  • Analyze the text given. Sometimes the answers are given verbatim, and sometimes they’re merely implied. When analyzing the text, look for the inferred meanings. Then go on from there by scanning for details and ideas shared by the text. 
  • Learn to eliminate the incorrect and impossible answers. Doing so will narrow down the chances of getting the correct option. 
  • Read whatever is given more than once, keeping the time limit in mind. This will save you from losing points. Double-check the answers to make sure they match the ideas. 

7. Look up unfamiliar words by their context

 In the tasks given in the PTE Reading Section, if any of the options include an unfamiliar word, guess its meaning by reading the context. You can often deduce the essence if you understand the remaining sentence. 

8. Practice Questions after PTE Reading Tips and Tricks

The practice questions will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to use reliable sources for these questions. Additionally, they are not identical to what you see in an actual PTE exam. As a result of improving your reading skills, you will benefit throughout your lifetime. Reading will not only benefit your career but also enrich your life. Just keep reading! At Edutrainex, you will be provided color-coded explanations for each practice question. Sounds exciting right? This will help you identify the areas that need improvement. Consequently, will strengthen your weaknesses too. 

What Next after PTE Reading Tips and Tricks? 

Wondering what to do next? Do not worry. I will not leave you in the middle of all of these. Reading and following the tips and tricks will not alone lead you to the destination. You need to have someone who will guide you through the PTE journey and ensure that you follow the right path.  

And to assist you in it, Edutrainex is here, with all its power-packed features. Our online platform will help you with all the practice work you need to prepare yourself for the exam.  

  • You can have 1 to 1 consultation with the PTE experts. Each student is provided with a status report by our tutors so they know how to improve. 
  • We provide live classes daily on various topics. Additionally, all live classes are recorded, just in case, you missed one. 
  • We have student-oriented learning. There is an abundance of tasks and exercises for students to improve their English level, which is essential for success in the PTE. 
  • As mentioned about intelli-assist above, it doesn’t just limit to that. Intelli-assist will also alert the tutors if a student is struggling with the questions. And, as a result, remedial classes will be arranged. 

So, enroll yourself in this amazing online PTE training platform without much delay. Make the most of its features and let your dream of settling or studying abroad come true. 

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