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PTE Reading: Multiple Choice Choose Multiple Answers

When you start the PTE Reading section, the second question type of question on your screen is PTE Reading: Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers. A “Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answer” question, as the name suggests, can have more than one correct answer. A wide range of academic topics, including humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, are covered in the texts.  

So, here are all the things you need to know about PTE Reading: Multiple Choice Choose Multiple Answer, including strategy, skills required to complete the task, practice questions, and next steps. 

PTE Reading Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers: Overview 

Basically, what you need to do in the task is to read the given passage. This passage will be around 300 words long. Then answer a multiple-choice question by selecting more than one response. After reading a text, you need to answer the asked question from the 5 to 6 answer options given. The PTE assesses your reading skills with this task, and this task only contributes to your reading score. The response you will choose here should be in the context of what is being discussed in the passage. Given below is the layout of the question. Hence you will get an idea about what the question actually looks like.  

Multiple choice multiple answers are asked in the exam to assess your reading skills. It will judge your ability to analyze, interpret, and evaluate a short reading text on academic subject words. You must use a specific strategy for doing this since the time given is limited. Want to know what technique to use here? Then keep reading the blog for more.  


PTE Reading Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers: Scoring 

After getting an idea about the task, let me make it more straightforward for you. Scoring is the most essential aspect of any task in the PTE exam. So you need to know every nook and cranny of it.  

In this task, you will be awarded one point for every correct answer, whereas one point will be deducted for an incorrect one! For example, a question has four options- A, B, C, and D. Suppose B and C are the correct options. Selecting them will give you 2 points. If you choose either B or C only, you will get one point. You will lose no mark if you select B and not C and vice versa. 

Hold on tightly to me to understand further. See, if you select A, B, and C, you will get 2 – 1 = 1 point. On the contrary, if you choose A and C – you get 1 – 1 = 0 points. Furthermore, if you select A, B, C, and D, you get 2 – 2 = 0 points. Read it once again if you are still not able to understand.  

Here’s an important tip for you to score better. In this task, select at least two answers only if you are confident. If there is the slightest doubt, just select the most relevant one. In such a case, you will get 1 point. If you want to achieve high reading scores, you must pay attention to this trick. 

Multiple Choice Choose Multiple Answers MCMA-Scoring-Explained

PTE Reading Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers: Time Management 

As you know, time is the most crucial aspect of the PTE exam. So before appearing for it, you must know how to do time management for every task of the sections. Although there is no allocated time for this task, but if you are lost in terms of how much time you should spend on the Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answer questions, you should spend only 2 minutes 15 seconds maximum on it.  

PTE Reading Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers: Strategy 

Since time is the key in such types of exams, you should be precise in using the correct technique to get the right answer. Read the following steps to ace the exam.  

Step 1: 

Start with reading the question prompt. Identify what you need for the answer. Doing so will give you a purpose for reading and obviously save your time. The question will probably ask you to find specific details like- 

  • Which statements are true?  
  • Are the statements accurate?  
  • Which of the following can be concluded/ supported from the text? 

Step 2: 

The next step is to read the options given in the answer with the question prompt in mind. You should take the specific details provided by the question prompt into account. NOTE: You need to be aware of is that the given options might not be in the same order as the text. 

Step 3: 

After following the above-given steps, identify the keywords in the answer options. For instance, take a look at this example. In the options, the keywords are:  

  • Multigrade classes 
  • Multigrade classes. 
  • Multigrade school. 
  • Mixed ability classes 
  • Multigrade classes 
Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers MCMA Step3

Step 4: 

After identifying the keywords in the options, find similar keywords in the text. There can be instances that you will find the same words in the text or their synonyms. 

As you can see in the example below, you will find the same keywords in the text as in the options. Like, schools, mixed-ability classes, multigrade, and classes. 


Step 5: 

Finally, give an extensive deep reading of the text around the keywords to understand the real meaning. As a result, you need to confirm whether the option says the same as the text. If it does so, then select it, if not then move on to the next answer option. In case you find something contradictory, then eliminate it and move ahead. Spend just 20 seconds on each keyword.  


So, after all the skim reading, analysis, and comprehensive reading, you will find that the correct options are- A & D. 

PTE Reading Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers: Practice 

Now, let’s do some practice questions to give you a better idea about how you should attempt these questions in the PTE test.

Practice 1: 


The Answer is B & E. In the 3rd paragraph, the text says – “The remaining three schools have small pupil numbers, because of which they operate with multigrade groupings” so, option B is correct. Again, at the beginning of the 3rd paragraph, the text clearly says – “There are nine government primary schools on these islands. Out of these, six are large enough to have pupils organized in single-grade classrooms. Students here are normally grouped by age into mixed ability classes“, so option E is also correct. The remaining options cannot be concluded from the given text.

Practice 2: 


The Answer is A & D. In the text, it is clearly mentioned – “The National Transportation Safety board conducted the investigation on the causes of the plane crash and concluded that one of the primary reasons was improper control of the engines’ serviceability” and “So, one can theorize that standards related to the regulation procedure, that are regulated by the aviation law standards, were not adhered and hence, caused the plane to crash“. So, options A & D are correct, the remaining options are not correct according to the text.

PTE Reading Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers: FAQs

I hope that you have got a complete understanding of the task by far. There are a few students who have certain queries regarding it. So I will enumerate a few of them below.  

Q. Do we have enough time to read the full text?  

Ans. Yes, do a quick skim reading. Because as I said, time management is very crucial in these tasks. 

Q. What is the weightage of MCMA?  

Ans. PTE keeps this information confidential, but we know that 1 point is awarded for each correct answer  

Q. Are there 2 correct answers or 3?  

Ans. The majority will have 2. 1 out of 3 may have 3. Never assume. 

What next? 

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Watch the video below to learn about the overview of this question type.

PTE Reading: Multiple Choice Choose Multiple Answers | Overview | Tips and Tricks | Edutrainex
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