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Have you been preparing for the PTE exam? And still wondering how to crack it? Then you are fortunate that you came across this article. This article will help you clear all your questions about PTE, how hard it is to crack it, the strategies to ace it, and our services.    

PTE, or Pearson Test of English, is a computer-based English language test that non-native students or aspirants take before moving to major English-speaking nations like Australia, the UK, the US, or Canada for education or migration purposes. PTE has many advantages over other English language tests, like IELTS and TOEFL. For instance, its results are published within five working days after the exam, whereas IELTS and TOEFL results often take longer.    

PTE is an exam that is recognized by many educational institutions worldwide. According to the recent updates, the PTE tests are also accepted for visa purposes in Australia. The PTE test is in three versions: the PTE Academic, General, and Young Learners. If you are a student aspiring to enroll in a university in countries like Australia, Canada, the UK, the US, etc., you should inquire about accepting a PTE score. If they accept a PTE score, you should take it.     

The PTE test contains four sections, just as any other English language test. The PTE test includes listening, reading, writing, and speaking sessions same as the other English language tests. The computer conducts the different test sections in the PTE test, and it concentrates explicitly on the real-life English examples for the questions.    

Best Approach to Clear PTE Exam - Tips and Tricks | What you need to do | Edutrainex

Advantages of PTE Exam:  

  • PTE delivers quick results in comparison to other English language tests. It takes 5 business working days to hand over the results. This proves to be a time-saver for students running short of time while applying for visas or admissions.  
  • Talking of registration and booking, then PTE is flexible. Applicants can schedule the exam according to the availability of seats in test centers. Furthermore, they can select the date of the test and location at their convenience. Now here’s the bonus of PTE, the students can book or register within 24 hours of the test date. Hence, you can choose the test date and time easily.  
  • Then comes another advantage of PTE, that is, no human bias. Wondering what it means? Unlike other language tests, computer AI conducts the PTE test. Therefore, the chances of bias and partiality are negligible.  
  • The last point is that it is easier than other English exams. Well, this doesn’t mean that you can take the test without any preparation. If you follow the correct strategy and get a good tutor to guide you through your PTE journey, you can ace the exam. Additionally, you can score good marks if you have studied well for it.  

Now if you are wondering how tough it is? Don’t worry. We have got your back. The PTE test is not as tough as the other English language tests. According to the English language test-takers, these tests are a piece of cake compared to IELTS and TOEFL. Hence, it is wiser to take the PTE test as an alternative to IELTS or TOEFL.    

Correct Approach Towards PTE Exam  

I hope now you got an idea about the use and purpose of the PTE tests. Next, let us talk about the approaches you should take to be a PTE test taker.    

Assess yourself first  

Before preparing for the PTE online exam, you should assess yourself. You should be aware of your weak points in the English language. Be mindful of the areas you need more attention to and the places you are confident of.    

For instance, you have to analyze where you stand in grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, writing skills, and vocabulary. Doing so will help you in preparing better for the exam. Unless and until you do so, you will waste your precious time figuring out where to start.   

How to prepare for the PTE Exam?  

Before starting the preparation, you should have a clear picture of how to prepare and the strategies to use for the different tasks in the exam. For instance, you should decide that you will join an English learning platform to guide you through the pre-test preparations. In that case, you will be provided with videos and online live classes to prepare you. You will also get a learning platform to do practice questions and Mock Tests. If you choose face-to-face classes, you will also get to know about the different strategies and tips, but you may or may not have a learning platform with many practice questions or mock tests. Read about the 5 PTE Exam Secrets that can help you reach your target score. 

Prepare a study plan  

If you need to ace the test, one sure thing you need is a study plan. Prepare a study plan allotting enough time to prepare, practice, improve your mistakes, and self-analyze. Only a handful of online learning platforms provide you with a personalized study plan according to your target score and how much time you have to prepare. Edutrainex is one of the online learning platforms that provide such study plans.  


Whether you choose to study online or in-person, always do your research first about which learning provider is good. Always use the authentic study contents or materials. Never rely on random content from unauthentic websites. Ensure that the content you study is suitable and accepted by the PTE algorithm. Also, always take your lessons from a PTE expert to get accurate information.  

Strategies for PTE exam 

A PTE test taker should always have a strategic approach to the test. You wouldn’t believe me if I said that you could ace the PTE test on the first try with some simple strategies. To illustrate, try highlighting the keyword in the questions. This habit will help you identify the section of the text containing the right answer. Similarly, try paraphrasing ideas in the text because it will likely be the paraphrased version of the question at higher levels.    

All PTE tasks can be solved using tried and tested strategies, but not all available sources on the internet can be relied upon. Again, only use techniques and strategies that are provided by authentic sources, such as Edutrainex. The suggested strategies will take your PTE score to the next level, but remember that this is an English test, so no matter whatever strategies you use, you need to uplift your English level first – Grammar, Pronunciation, Oral Fluency, etc.  


Practicing your English vocabulary, grammar, and other aspects is inevitable while preparing for a PTE exam. Keep on practicing the questions and try to understand the mistakes you make. Once you know the mistakes, practice the same questions by correcting the previous errors. It is essential to improve on your mistakes and not repeat the same ones going forward. A good learning platform will offer you a lot of questions and mock tests to practice and also should provide explanations and feedback for each answer. Not all online PTE training platforms provide useful information, not even some very renowned names. Edutrainex has taken this to another level, where we provide color-coded explanations for each of our practice questions, which would enable you to figure out and understand your mistakes.  


Getting feedback from a PTE expert is always good to analyze and improve your English proficiency. Positive feedback will give you confidence and support to continue your PTE preparation. On the other hand, negative feedback will help you understand your mistakes and weak points. This realization will help you rectify your mistakes.    

So, if you cannot analyze your mistakes by yourself, you should get detailed feedback from PTE Specialists. Many online PTE learning systems provide such feedback, but always research how much feedback you receive before paying for any service. It is always advantageous to get as much feedback as possible. At Edutrainex, we provide ample amounts of feedback for each type of subscription, but we also provide you with one-to-one sessions directly with the PTE tutors to clarify your doubts.  

Mock Tests  

Imagine getting a practice test before your proper PTE test. You would love to get a chance to attempt the exam before attempting the original one, right? Then, mock tests and practice tests are your choices. Solve as many as possible practice questions and tests before the PTE exam. Get acquainted with the form and type of PTE question.   

Many online PTE learning platforms provide different forms of mock tests. But, it is wiser to pre-assess how many mock tests you are getting for any price you are paying. At Edutrainex, we provide you with full-length real exam-type mock tests, mini mock tests, and sectional mock tests (reading, writing, listening & speaking) to perfect your weak areas. The official PTE exam also provides 2 mock tests, which are evaluated by the same PTE software used in the actual exam. So, this is a must-do for everyone in the end.   

Persistent hard work and dedication   

Finally, always be persistent and dedicated. Give your maximum and be positive. Follow the study plan and do your practice regularly, daily. In the end, practice makes a man perfect. So, keep yourself motivated and dedicate as much time to prepare yourself for the PTE test. After all, your future goals depend on it! 

How to select a good platform/software for PTE Exam practice?   

No matter how much you prepare yourself on your own, there is a chance you might not succeed after so many attempts. So, where are you lacking? Is it because you don’t have a good teacher, or you don’t have access to enough practice materials?  

It is always essential to enroll in a learning platform to prepare for your PTE exam. Now, you must be thinking about which platform to choose? Don’t worry; I will help you select one of the best English learning platforms to crack our PTE exam. You should choose a learning platform based on their students’ services.    

Analyzing Strategies  

Always choose a PTE learning platform by analyzing their strategies. The strategies should be smart and easy for you to follow. They should be also enough to get you through the PTE exam.   

PTE Live Classes  

While looking for a good platform for PTE practice, students should look at their study materials. Verify that their content is excellent and authentic before signing up. Study materials make a big difference in your PTE preparation. So, you need to be careful regarding it. At Edutrainex, we have different topics and lab sessions that will help you sharpen your oral fluency, grammar, and vocabulary. And you must have been already acquainted with the fact of how important these are in PTE exams.  

Assessment and Feedback – AI vs. Tutor feedback for PTE Exam preparation 

Go for a learning platform that provides you with constant assessments and feedback. Additionally, good practice material plays an essential part in choosing the best platform. Confirm that they have both AI and tutor feedback options before signing up. Tutor feedback is crucial in your preparation. Unless you have one, you will face additional challenges. At Edutrainex, we have Tutor feedback. It will help you focus on your goal and have a clear mind on how to ace it!   

1:1 Lessons & Consultations   

Choose a PTE learning platform that regularly communicates with you about the tasks you are having difficulty with and provides you with important pre- and post-consultations (before and after exams). At Edutrainex, you can interact with our tutors and get personalized feedback. You must have heard of a saying that mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction. This is exactly what our tutors will do. So make sure you have a good one!  

Performance analysis tools    

Choose a PTE training platform that provides in-depth explanations and graphical performance analysis for each question/answer and a complete standard breakdown evaluation of Speaking and Writing assignments. At Edutrainex, we provide a graphically represented performance analysis of each task. You can view your accuracy and time management skills while practicing the questions. This will help you to understand where you need improvement.  

Intelli assistant   

Choose a platform that provides you with daily live classes and live practice sessions. Intelli assist, an innovative feature is available exclusively at Edutrainex. Curious about what it is? Let me elaborate on it. So, intelli-assist is a feature that will give you a real-time analysis of your tasks. It will provide you with personalized suggestions depending on your performance. 

Furthermore, it will alert the tutors if the students’ performance is weak. However, it doesn’t mean that the Intelli-assist will demotivate you. There is a performance analysis tool for each task.   

Don’t you feel the need to have someone by your side who would constantly assist you during your PTE journey? Voila! There you have, Intelli Assistant!  


When you are looking for a good platform for PTE preparations, then apart from all the above-mentioned points, you need to take care of one more aspect: price. Choose a platform that gives you the best quality training at a reasonable price. Edutrainex can serve this purpose as well. You can get all the desired features of a good platform for PTE practice at a very reasonable price.  

What next?  

So if you are planning to excel in this test, then Edutrainex is the perfect platform that would cater to all your needs. Therefore, without further ado, click here to enroll yourself in the Edutrainex PTE preparation and see the amazing results.  

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