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PTE- Pearson Test of English is believed to be easier than the other English language skill tests. So here we have PTE Test Day Tips for you. Since it is perceived as easier, some of the test-takers jump straight into it. However, they are unaware of the amount of practice it takes to clear the PTE Test. On the other hand, the others fail to clear the exam. They doubt that they are not capable enough to pass the PTE exam. Due to this phobia, the candidates are not able to clear it. 

The direction a PTE test taker should follow when preparing for the test is often a confusing issue. Do not let this deter you. In order to help candidates prepare for the PTE, we have outlined a customized list of PTE exam day tips. 

PTE Test Day Tips to follow: 

1. Sleep well the night before the test 

The night before the exam is like the night before Christmas. You can’t sleep yet hope for a miracle too. So do not let this happen to you. Research suggests that sleep helps learning and memory in two different ways. It is very tempting to pull an all-nighter to prepare for that one exam. But if you don’t sleep, then your brain will not recharge. Therefore, relax the night before the exam. As a result, you will wake up refreshed on the PTE Test Day.  

2. Stress Control 

It is very common to panic before the exam, but you need to keep cool. This will help you understand things better when you are actually in the ring. Well, that was metaphorical! Additionally, it will help you implement the strategies you have prepared meticulously. On the contrary, it will be absolutely unrealistic to say not to be nervous at all. So, a PTE Test taker can have a little nervousness but have a clear mind and be well-prepared.  

3. Recognize your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths. 

While preparing for the PTE exam, figure out the areas you are not too good at. Keeping it in mind, make sure you work towards channeling your energy towards the areas you command. For instance, Even if you didn’t understand 20% of what was said during your Retell Lecture or Summarize Spoken Text session, try not to worry about it. Concentrate on the 80% you understood. Because I am sure, you won’t run out of material.  

Furthermore, when you prepare for the writing test. Ideally, you should limit your response to 35-45 words per sentence. It is best to avoid writing very long sentences since the scoring algorithms may not be able to evaluate long sentences very accurately.  

4. Do not confuse PTE with IELTS- an important PTE test day tip 

This is an essential piece of advice for candidates taking the PTE Test. Don’t confuse PTE and IELTS. Prepare yourself by familiarizing yourself with the format of the tests, the time you have for each section, and the criteria that will be used to grade you. Read the article-“PTE vs TOEFL vs IELTS”. Comparing all the three will help you understand what all these exams are about.  

Although this may seem obvious, it’s pretty common for candidates to begin preparing for the PTE after failing to achieve their desired IELTS score. In contrast to the IELTS, the PTE does not use paper and pencil, so keep this in mind! 

5. Double-check your microphone! 

As soon as you enter the exam room, make sure that you check your microphone. Many a time, complaints have been there about the microphone not working. As a result, the candidates have failed the speaking section. These candidates claim the microphone did not record them properly. So, the moment you are in doubt on the test day, raise your hand and inform the invigilator. It is better to assure from your side!

The first thing to remember is that the PTE makes it crystal clear that it is impossible to reassess the score. It is important to realize that putting forth a challenge to your PTE score is easy if you are ready to pay. However, we recommend refraining from doing it. According to the record, by far, just a handful of students have been able to challenge the score successfully. 

6. Keep an eye on the clock during

I have been telling this repeatedly that in exams like PTE, time is the key. You cannot let any factor compromise it. While you prepare for the exam, make sure you do it by keeping time as your priority. There are chances that you know most of the answers. But if you don’t do it within the given time limit, the knowledge will be of no use. 

It is common for candidates to lose too many marks on other parts of the PTE when they spend too much time analyzing texts, which ultimately consumes their allotted time. Time cannot be ‘borrowed’ from one part of the test and added to another, so do not lose your cool! Do not let the anxiety of PTE Test day overpower you. A clear understanding of how much time you have, question by question, and section by section, makes a huge difference. 

7. Typing on the computer: Make the most of it! 

Paper-and-pencil tests have their challenges. The PTE is entirely computer-based. Well, I must say that it will please anyone who finds writing by hand or any sort of writing work difficult. So if you are a fast typist, it is an added benefit for you. And secondly, typing is relatively less tiring to your hands as well, so that’s another advantage.

8. Practice without Headphones – a very useful PTE test day tip 

The PTE exam room can be loud. There could be a dozen or more candidates close to you, and they could be speaking loudly which may distract you. 

However, you should try to respect others as you would expect them to respect you. Make sure you do not shout at the top of your lungs to drown out your neighbors. Besides being profoundly inconsiderate, such behavior may also distort your recording and negatively affect your speaking score. 

If you’re a diligent PTE candidate, practice your speaking at home with the radio on in the background, and the volume set high. It will be distracting at first, but you’ll learn to ignore it and focus on the task. 

9. Keep your Methods in mind

Our PTE test-day strategies are proven to work; use them! So for this, getting enrolled in our online training platform will help you explore our exclusive strategic methods. However, not only techniques but at Edutainex you will be transformed into a full-stack prepared candidate.

Additional PTE test day tips: 

Apart from the tips discussed above, here are some of the basic ones which you must follow.  

  • Do not neglect breakfast, as a moderately heavy breakfast would fuel you for a long time. It is advisable for the candidates to carry a light snack or fruit to quell their untamed hunger pangs. 
  • During the exam, candidates should wear loose clothing to ensure they are comfortable and adapt to any weather condition. 
  • In order to ensure that candidates arrive on time at the test center, they should arrive 30 minutes before reporting time. 
  • Upon arrival at the PTE Test Center, candidates will have to show their government-issued identification document, which should be a valid passport, in order to proceed further. Candidates will have their photographs taken for security reasons, and their biometrics scanned for official purposes only. So make sure that you have all the required documents ready beforehand. 
  • At the PTE Test Centre, candidates are provided with lockers for the safekeeping of their belongings, including electronics such as watches or mobile phones, snacks, and bags. 

I hope these PTE Test Day Tips serve their purpose. Try to follow them and definitely you are going to ace the exam. If you need any help with your exam preparation, please enroll with us today to get assurance of PTE success.

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