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IELTS vs PTE for Australia Immigration? Not able to decide which one to take? So here is all you need to know about these approved English language tests. As part of the Australian immigration process, you must demonstrate proficiency in the English language. Many candidates take the PTE Academic test. On the other hand, IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is another popular option. It is conducted for proving English language proficiency. Today, many students prepare for these English proficiency tests. They use PTE practice tutorials and IELTS practice exams.  

Students need to understand IELTS vs PTE for Australia Immigration. This will help them to choose the best course. There are several factors that you can consider. For instance, the number of attempts, testing environment, and results, let me help you to determine which career path is best for future prospects. 

IELTS vs PTE – Which is easier for immigration? 

IELTS and PTE are two of the most widely accepted tests in the world. Generally, these are conducted to assess the English language proficiency of students, workers, and visa applicants. Both are globally recognized and serve different purposes. These exams are specifically required for qualification. 

Finding the right test is as challenging as finding the right career. You have to make two choices, and you must also spend considerable money. 

Please allow me to guide you through this confusing situation. This blog aims to give you information about what language test to choose and the demand for these tests worldwide. 


International English Language Testing System,i.e., IELTS, is one of the most widely recognized exams among education and training institutions across the globe. All things considered, one for all is precisely what it is. You can choose an IELTS General test. No matter whether you intend to apply for PR, study visas, or immigration.

IELTS is divided into Academic and General Training sections. 

Those who wish to study in English-speaking countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK) must prove their English language skills. Evidently, an IELTS test is mandatory to determine your language ability. 

The general training test assesses your proficiency in English if you want to migrate for employment, study, or any of these reasons. Australian, New Zealand, and UK IELTS tests last approximately three hours. Test results are then available in about 14 days. 

NOTE: Before deciding which exam to take, you should be clear about the fact that IELTS academic is for studies and IELTS General is used for immigration purposes. 


The Pearson Test of English, also known as PTE Academic, is accepted by 3000 colleges and universities around the world. This test is accepted by Australian(PR), New Zealand, and UK colleges and universities. 

Applicants who intend to study abroad in countries where English is compulsory should take the PTE Academic. You can find out if your language skills are good enough to join their courses. Several universities accept PTE Academic. These include Oxford University, Harvard Business School, Yale, Dalhousie University, Georgian College, Centennial University, Mount Royal University, and the London School of Business and Finance. 
Furthermore, it will also be considered a proof of your English language skills if you wish to study in Canada. 

NOTE: Likewise IELTS, PTE also has its versions. They are PTE Academics, PTE General, and PTE young learners. So if you want to prepare PTE for immigration, then PTE Academics will serve your purpose. 

PTE vs IELTS Price Overview 

When it comes to choosing which exam to take, then the price plays a very decisive role in it. As for PTE fees, it differs from country to country. For instance in India, there are 35 centres. PTE Academic costs ₹14700 INR. The prices are inclusive of an 18% tax.  Whereas, in Australia its $385 (AUD).

Furthermore, for the IELTS test, every country charges a different fee. Basically, it depends on where you are applying, what you are applying for, and how. For more details, visit the following sites for reference: 

English test for Australian Immigration, which should you choose? 

This is the question that always hovers in the mind of the students which exam is easier. The dilemma of IELTS vs PTE for Australia Immigration. To answer this, I will enumerate some points of difference. Henceforth, I will leave you to decide which one is a cakewalk.  

1. Firstly, in the IELTS test, you have the choice to take a paper-based test or an online test. On the contrary, PTE is entirely an online test. 

2. It takes approximately 3 hours to complete the IELTS. On the other hand, it takes about 2 hours to complete the PTE. 

3. PTE test results take about 48 hours. On the contrary, IELTS results usually take about 14 days, depending on the format of the exam (paper-based or online). 

4. Unlike PTE results, IELTS test results are manually checked for both modes. 

5. Different countries use PTE Academic and General for different purposes. While anyone can use IELTS General Training to gain PR, study, or work-related experience. 

6. For the speaking test, IELTS appoints a trained examiner to assess an applicant’s skills. On the other hand, PTE uses a computer-based system to evaluate speaking abilities. 

So, in the end, you need to choose the English test for Australian immigration and prepare for it accordingly. 

What makes PTE better than IELTS Australia Immigration? 

Candidates who understand the basic concepts of the PTE exam can choose a PTE training course. It should be the one that covers the entire syllabus. Indeed, it will focus on important topics. Above all, it primarily emphasizes the importance of students performing well on their PTE exams before migrating to Australia. Take a look at the following reasons to consider taking a PTE test preparation class.  

Flexibility to appear for the exam  

One of the best aspects of the PTE is its flexibility. In more than 200 locations around the world, you are allowed to sit for the exam 363 times a year. Conversely, the IELTS exam is limited. In this exam, you can only take up to 48 attempts in one year at over 900 locations all over the world.  

Instant Automated Results 

The results of the test are available immediately after completion. Because of its quick availability of results, PTE is a more efficient test. It allows aspirants to learn where they need to improve and work on that area.  

Testing environments 

Non-native English speakers will benefit from the computer-based test environment. It helps them overcome their apprehensions about their English fluency. Moreover, PTE online training platform, Edutrainex, will offer you the best teachers and masters. They will help you prepare for the test better. The trainer is always available for students to clarify any doubts they may have. 

Integrating in Testing 

The problem with many English language proficiency tests is that they cannot blend in various aspects of the English language. These include comprehension, paraphrasing, awareness of context, etc. However, PTE acknowledges these more ‘refined’ issues. Furthermore, it asks more comprehensive and integrated questions. For example, you can express a long chunk of text in one line, in your own words. Thus it will test your writing and reading skills simultaneously. 

English in Real Life 

If you wish to study or immigrate to a foreign country, you will encounter people with varied accents of English as opposed to a uniform one. The PTE Academic tests real-life language. So you will hear sections from lectures and view graphs and charts. The test will expose you to a range of accents. It can be from British to American to non-native speakers. So the PTE test will expose you to the different types of accents you will hear in everyday life. 

Audio test administered automatically 

Computer programs evaluate PTE audio tests. This has two benefits. Firstly, the universities can hear the level of spoken English more clearly than when they rely on a single certified examiner. Furthermore, it allows the candidate to speak out freely. Therefore you cannot get intimidated by those sitting across from them instead of the PTE, where the audio is computer-recorded. 

Myths about English language tests:

1. Students generally believe that a computerized test is easier than a paper-based test. It is absolutely false. It does not matter what type of test you take. The difficulty level remains the same. 

2. Deciding to take an exam because it has a longer duration. It is not wise to choose an examination based on its length. 

Whether a paper-based examination or a computer-based one, they both have their own value. A decision to take a test depends on various factors. For instance, the purpose of visiting the country and the country that you prefer to visit globally. 

IELTS vs PTE for Australia Immigration: Conclusion

Both PTE and IELTS are available for aspirants who intend to study abroad for higher education but struggle with writing, listening, speaking, and reading the English language. Furthermore, both exams are highly regarded for immigration purposes. Thus this provides you with the choice. 

We have outlined all the things you need to consider before choosing an exam. However, remember that a good command of English is a must. The PTE Academic test is the best option if you plan to work and stay in an English-speaking country, such as Australia. And also if you are a native English speaker. All Australian universities and professional associations accept it. 

For your Australian immigration, you will need to pass an English language test if you choose the PTE. Getting the best PTE training centre will help you do PTE Study with online mock tests, and also you will be given instructions on how to achieve high scores. 

Comparison Summary of IELTS vs PTE for Australia Immigration 

Basis of Difference PTE ACADEMIC IELTS 
Booking & Registration  Register or pay online up to 24 hours before the test. Usually done online or via mail. Registration may close a few days ahead of the test.  
Availability of test Weekly testing in all testing centres in Australia. Tests are run up to 3 times per day in high-demand areas 5+ days a week. 48 fixed test sessions per year  
Locations In Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Toowoomba, Perth, and Adelaide with more to come. Multiple Locations 
Duration 3 hours session The average test lasts about 3 hours, but some locations allow for two sessions 
Format 3 parts: Speaking & Writing, Reading, Listening. 
4 parts: Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking. 
Mode of exam   
Computer-based and 100% computer marked. Paper-based tests and interviews are marked by examiners.  
Time to result  5 working days on average.  
Published 13 calendar days after the test.
Results Access & Submission Test takers can access and submit their scores. It can be done to an unlimited number of educational institutions and professional bodies at no additional cost. Paper certificates are mailed by post. Limitations on the number of score submissions, additional scores incur fees.  
Comparison of scores. This provides an extremely accurate and consistent assessment of a test taker’s abilities. The highly granular test scored in a range of 10-90 points. It uses just nine scoring bands. 

Read more about the difference between IELTS vs TOEFL vs PTE here.

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