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This is Anurag from Edutrainex. Today I will tell you about the free materials available on the internet. No, no, I will not be telling you where these are available. Instead, I will make you understand how these free PTE materials are a trap.  

We all know that there are many scams on the internet, and education is not untouched either. I will share my experience. My niece Trisha is preparing for the PTE exam as she intends to pursue higher education abroad. So yesterday, I asked her to answer some of the PTE Reading tasks. She answered them perfectly.  

Furthermore, I wanted to check her Writing section, so I gave her a mock test to solve. But the answers I got were utterly shocking. The method she studied for PTE Writing task and PTE Speaking tasks did not make sense when applied to the practice materials. 

Why did Trisha’s method not work? 

I’m sure the method we teach works. In our years of experience, we have assisted thousands of PTE candidates in securing the grades they need to start a new life in a different country or to obtain the job they want. What made the method fail all of a sudden? 

The convenience of having a PTE expert on her side was an added bonus for her (not bragging, though!) But then you must have heard of the proverb, “A Prophet is not honored in his own country.” So she went for free PTE materials. 

The materials that she was using were entirely flawed. The practice materials did not look like the official PTE or Edutrainex practice materials.

The free PTE practice tests may actually do more harm than good. So you will have to be very careful of the junk that you get on the internet or watch on youtube. Before proceeding to any of the free PTE practice materials, you must verify the authenticity of the source. Always question yourself, “Who created these free PTE practice materials?” 

For over two years now, I have been creating PTE materials. I myself have taken the PTE tests to make sure that these PTE materials mirror authentic PTE practice tests as closely as possible. And moreover, we consult with ex-PTE examiners to make our questions   

My research has included reading and discussing the PTE score guide and speaking with Pearson about certain aspects of it. And with my experience, I can assure you that writing good PTE material is no easy task! 

Reasons why you must avoid free PTE materials 

First, the free material’s author may incorrectly understand the test’s linguistic aspects. The PTE tasks are designed to cover different aspects of linguistics. 

Secondly, the writer is not familiar with the format of the PTE tasks. PTE practice tests must include several details that you must get right. 

Trisha felt relieved when I explained all of this to her. Nevertheless, she was angry as well. While preparing for the PTE with these poor free materials, she wasted a lot of time. As a matter of fact, she also downloaded many PTE videos from Youtube! 

I told her to trust the authorized and verified PTE experts (like me!) rather than these free PTE materials. She needed to make sure the materials were of high quality and represented the actual test. 

Beware of the Free PTE materials: 

  1. Many online PTE training companies offer you free material and later ask you to pay to practice more. Many online platforms allure you by giving offers for free, but then later they start charging money to practice more. Such PTE training platforms are not to be trusted. This will cost not only your time and efforts but gradually your money as well.   
  2. The PTE platforms that provide free assessments do not guarantee authenticity. Getting feedback from the PTE experts without knowing about them is dangerous. This feedback can be misleading and make your PTE preparation go haywire. They may suggest something which is not recommended. So, before going for any online PTE training platform, make sure that the PTE experts are certified so that you get genuine feedback. 
  3. Speaking/ Writing assessments provided by free online Artificial Intelligence is an absolute NO-NO. You don’t know the quality of the software. Preparing through such assessments will land you in the same situation as that of Trisha. 

Now the choice is yours, whether you want to follow my niece studying from the wrong free PTE materials or be the improvised Trisha who realized her mistake, deleted the free PTE materials, and swore never to do so again. 

PTE success advice from experts to save you from Free PTE materials! 

Think how confusing your computer screen would look if you prepared using poor free PTE practice tests and then on test day you look at your screen, and it looks completely different from any other screen. Just imagining this literally sends a chill down my spine! 

Therefore, don’t adopt this practice of studying from free PTE materials. Rather, prepare properly. Always remember that in today’s world, nothing comes free of cost. And if you are getting one, there is certainly something wrong with it. 

Talking of PTE, I guess you would never even try to have such an experience. Success comes at a cost, and nothing is better than spending on good and genuine PTE materials for its preparation. 

Things you need for success: 

Remember that you need to have a clear mindset and thought process to achieve success. Here is a further list of things: 

  1. Good quality practice materials. These practice materials serve as a lifeline through your PTE journey. They play a decisive role in your PTE exams. Better your practice materials are better are the results. By practicing with quality PTE practice materials, you will become familiar with what it is like to take the test. 
  2. Strategies that work. You need to keep in mind to follow the methods that actually work in the exam. Unrealistic and unreliable strategies will bear no result. Instead, it will just be a waste of time, money, and, most importantly, effort. 
  3. Feedback on your writing and speaking. From my experience with Trisha, I can definitely tell that it is essential. The wrong path she took would not have been apparent to me if I hadn’t checked her writing tasks. So feedback is very important during your preparations. In this light, I must suggest that you should go with the Edutrainex online training platform because we have the exclusive feature of Intelli-assist. It will point out your mistakes and make you aware of areas you need improvement. 

Refer to Edutrainex PTE materials or the Official PTE materials.

Study from quality practice materials instead of Free PTE materials

Please do not waste your time (and money) on free PTE training materials. By spending a little money, you can save a lot of time and stress. With the right practice materials, proven methods, and expert feedback, you’ll be able to achieve the best possible PTE score. 

Trisha agreed with me and removed all the unreliable practice materials. And if you, too, have any such materials with you, remove them all ASAP! 

Where to get the authentic materials from? 

Edutrainex offers the best practice materials to prepare for the PTE exam. Our PTE Specialist tutors have extensive experience teaching in London, India, and Sydney (15+ years). Students who possess expertise and knowledge of the English language, especially those taking the English exams of PTE and IELTS, are guaranteed to take crucial insights away that can help them score high on these exams. Join us and find out some of the best tips to pass the exam.

Furthermore, the tutors at Edutrainex give personal attention to every student. Students can also take advantage of our interactive platform in order to succeed. With the help of proficient tutors and an incredibly useful platform, PTE Trainers are able to pinpoint the weak spots of the students and help them achieve astounding success. Students are also provided with the key strategies and questions that often appear during the PTE Exam, which we also share with them. 

Read our blog where we have shared many informative articles on PTE.

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