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You must have heard that everybody has their secret mantra to excel in their exams. Wondering why I am telling you this? Because this is what our article is about- PTE Exam Secrets. PTE is an English language test that examines your Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills. The exam’s main purpose is to test the English language proficiency of the immigrants who want to study or settle abroad.  

With a good PTE score, you can fulfill your desire for advanced and higher knowledge in the most reputed colleges worldwide or those who wish to settle in Australia. Let’s see the 5 PTE exam secrets you need to know before your exam to improve your PTE score. 

5 PTE Exam Secrets | Approach, Test Environment | Best PTE Learning Tutorial | Edutrainex

PTE Exam Secret #1

There’s no magic button. 

You must have heard the famous saying, “Rome was not built in a day.” The same proverb applies here. To score good marks in the exam, you can’t just get up one day and appear for it. Assuming that you can nail the exam is the first place where you are wronged.

An English proficiency test is not just about English. The PTE exam exists to assess your ability to function in an entirely English environment, whether it is a workplace, a university, or a training program. You must be skilled at critical thinking, social interaction, and problem-solving. Here, you will have to prove your efficiency as well as skills and strengths in a language that is not your own. 

Follow the strategy, as it will give you a direction and a clear perspective of how to prepare for the PTE exam.  

  1. Get familiar with typing speed as it is a computer-based exam. Better typing speed will help you finish in time. 
  2. You must have a clear idea of what type of questions will be asked in the exam. Such information will help you prepare well for the exam. Get to know more about the changes that have been made in the PTE exam, “PTE Exam format 2022.” 
  3. Practice mock tests. This will prove to be a savior as you will get to know the areas you have to improve. Live mock tests will help you get the feel of the real exam. 
  4. Make a list of all types of questions and categorize them according to their toughness level. It will make your practice easier. 

So, this is the first of the PTE exam secrets that you need to keep in mind.

PTE Exam Secret #2

Brute force doesn’t work 

Trying to figure out what brute force is? This is the second of all the 5 PTE exam secrets. When something is accomplished primarily through strength, without any mechanical aids, strategic planning, or tactics in combat, it is called brute force. There’s a saying, “It is much more impressive to beat an opponent with proper technique than with brute force.” Wondering why am I telling you this? Don’t worry. You don’t have any opponent to fight with here, but in this scenario, your challenge is the PTE exam, where you have to excel. 

Toiling hard, day and night, will not ensure that you will score the required marks in the exam. You need to be more efficient, plan carefully, and use precisely directed methods. A correct approach to the exam will give you better results than just jumping into the ring. No, no, not the fighting ring, but the fight to crack PTE exams. 

Want to know more about how to ace the exam? Then give a read to our, “PTE Exam: Best Approach to crack it?” 

PTE Exam Secret #3

Right Approach will assure success  

Trying your best to prepare well for the PTE exam but still not able to clear it? Well, then here is the third of all PTE exam secrets you need to know. You must change your approach to change the results. Proper technique and strategy are the core components of getting the required marks in the PTE exam. 

Don’t you think there should be someone to guide you through this PTE journey? So for this, you should take coaching from a renowned online PTE training platform. Start with the trial classes and then see the difference. At Edutrainex, we provide full-stack training to students willing to take the PTE exam. Here you will get training from the PTE experts, loads of practice questions and mock tests to give you a feel of real exams. 

This exercise will serve as an investment, assisting you in scoring best in the PTE exam. 

PTE Exam Secret #4

Intuitive practice platform and guidance will boost your chances of success 

Burning the midnight oil but still not able to succeed in the PTE exam after so many attempts? So, is it because you don’t have the right practice platform? Please read the article further to figure it out; the fourth of PTE exam secrets is on your way. 

Right practice platform plays a significant role in preparing you well for the PTE exam. This doesn’t mean you can enroll yourself anywhere that provides PTE training. You need to find the correct platform for it. There are specific criteria on which you can judge whether that platform will serve you best or not.  

  • Choose a platform by analyzing whether its strategies are smart and easy to follow. 
  • Take a look at the study materials because they will make a big difference in your PTE preparation. 
  •  Feedbacks and assessments are crucial for you to analyze yourself. Therefore, look for a platform that will provide constant evaluations and feedback. 
  • Go for a platform that will regularly communicate with you and provide you with essential consultations. 
  • Look for a platform providing live classes and live practice sessions. Such a platform will ensure that there’s always someone by your side to help you whenever you need it.  

After going through all the above points, are you puzzled about where to find such a forum? Let me make it easy for you, Edutrainex is one such platform with not only provides you with visual performance analysis but also color-coded explanations and additionally exclusive specialty of Intelli-assist.  

PTE Exam Secret #5

Survive the PTE test environment  

This is the fifth secret you need to know. Correct measures, strategy, the right approach, and an excellent online training platform are just not enough to prepare you for the PTE exam. To be honest, the PTE test environment is no fun at all. I don’t mean to scare you, but you should have a clear picture of it. 

The test centers have a stressful environment. You will see many nervous people around you, security measures, and lots of NOISE! Therefore, you should be mentally prepared to face it all. Unlike other exams, you will not find a quiet and comfortable place to study.  

You will be sitting in a constricted cubicle for 3 hours. Unnerving sounds of other voices and agitated tapping of keyboards will be surrounding you. Any stretches or excessive movement will put you under suspicion. You can’t even eat or drink water during this time. 

Wondering how to keep your calm in such situations? Then read ahead. 

  1. Practice makes a man perfect. Must have heard of this. So try studying in chaos. Record yourself practicing a speaking task in a crowded café, try a reading exercise on a stuffy tram, or listen to engaging podcasts in a public park. It may appear silly, but I assure you that it will pay off. Your brain will become accustomed to filtering out irrelevant information and concentrating on the task. It will be difficult at first, but you will notice a difference in your ability to deal with distractions. 
  2. After training your brain to tune out the chaos, you can try another trick. Start your speaking test another minute after others around you begin their speaking tests. It will help you in getting used to the surrounding sounds. Hence, it will be easier to concentrate and focus on your task.  
  3. Opt for taking the PTE test earlier than later. Early in the morning, your brain activity is at its peak, and it rapidly declines around lunchtime, making you sleepy and less responsive and productive. For instance, you can recall your school days and how active you felt in the morning. However, laziness and inattentiveness crept in as the hours passed, especially after a heart full of lunch. Therefore it is advisable to take the PTE exam early in the morning when you feel sharp, alert, and ready. 

What next after PTE exam secrets? 

The points mentioned above might sound discouraging. However, you can take help of these points to prepare yourself better for the PTE exam. You need to have skills and strategy, which requires patience and determination. With these secrets spilled out, follow them and ace the PTE exam! 

How can Edutrainex serve you? 

Edutrainex is an online PTE training platform that will serve all your requirements for PTE preparation. Know more about the services and courses they have to offer. Click on the given link- edutrainex.com.

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