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Studying or working in Australia can be a real dream come true if you take PTE Academic. It can be a thrill to take the test at any point, but the speaking and writing sections tend to raise a lot of questions. So here are a few of the common questions-PTE Speaking and Writing that I have explicitly compiled for you. 

The following are the top most common questions-PTE Speaking and Writing section: 

1. Are speaking and writing separate sections? 

Ans.- No, one section only includes Speaking and Writing. They come under the same category. 

2. Approximately how much time will be devoted to the Speaking and Writing sections? 

Ans.- The Speaking and Writing section lasts between 54 and 67 minutes. 

3. What is the best speed to speak for in the speaking section? 

Ans.- To score well in the speaking section, keep your speech steady so that it sounds clear in your thoughts and words. Speaking at a fast or slow pace will not get you more points. But instead, it will lose points if the speed leaves your words unclear or too many pauses are there. 

Speaking fast does not guarantee fluency. It could have an adverse effect on your coherence, ultimately lowering your scores. The result will be a decrease in clarity in the content of your utterances, and you might state irrelevant details. The unclear words are more likely to obfuscate rather than sound impressive. Try to retain a smooth rhythm instead. Be consistent and tone down your voice. However, speaking immediately after turning on the recorder is essential, and moving on to the next question after you’ve finished. By doing so, the AI scoring machine will not penalize you in fluency for the overall extra time you took. 

4. If I take more time to answer in the speaking section, will I lose points? 

Ans.- If you will do so then less time will be there to accomplish other tasks. As a result, you will lose points due to a lack of time. The PTE exam emphasizes both time and talent equally. 

5. What will be the mark if I miss a word on the ‘repeat sentence question’? 

Ans.- The best way to make sure you understand the sentence is to repeat it exactly! Even if you miss a word, you should try to maintain your fluency without letting the missed word affect your performance. 

6. What effect will my accent have on my speaking score? 

Ans.- Accents do not affect your score. If you want to score high on the speaking section, you just need to speak clearly.  

Luckily, the PTE’s scoring system is transparent and based on computer analysis. Consequently, it can identify accents from different areas. Just remember to keep your speech clear and engage in PTE speaking practice. Additionally, you can look up and practice English words that may sound different when spoken with your accent. 

7. In the speaking and writing portions of the test, what is the score on the ‘personal introduction’? 

Ans.- Your personal introduction doesn’t score in the speaking and writing portions of the test. Nevertheless, since it is sent to the universities together with your PTE scores, you must be cautious when taking it. 

8. Is it possible to repeat the recording once it has been made? 

Ans.- No, you cannot repeat the audio recording. You can record the audio only once.

9. Do I lose points if I am unable to answer within the word limit? 

Ans.- Yes, if you do not keep up with the word limit, it will negatively affect the score. Pearson explicitly states that essays should fall within the 200-300 range. Consequently, you may lose points if you are not within the limit as outlined by the PTE writing assessment criteria. 

10. What’s all the confusion about at the PTE test center? I’ve heard about it often. 

Ans.- There will be different partitions at the PTE Test Center to separate test takers. They are not isolated from each other, even though they are separated. There will likely be lots of noise, especially during the speaking portion. 

11. How can I prepare myself for a situation like this? 

Ans.- Taking your PTE mock test in a noise-filled environment is the easiest way to prepare. Do not practice in a peaceful setting. You can do this by paying attention to your tasks and removing any unnecessary distractions. 

12. What is the process for recording a question? 

Ans.- Each recording is played once. Before the recording plays, you’ll have a few seconds to brace up. 

13. Is it necessary to repeat the lecture verbatim in the ‘Retell lecture’? 

Ans.- No, you are only expected to explain the entire structure in your own words. 

14. If I miss the essay’s introduction or conclusion, how will it affect my score? 

Ans.- In PTE Essay, you must follow a particular format, so it is essential not to miss anything or affect your score. 

A well-written essay should have three parts: an introduction, a middle section, and a conclusion. You should include all three sections of the PTE writing section and arrange them logically to avoid losing points. 

15. Will the use of complex sentences and fancy vocabulary improve my score? 

Ans.- Using fancy words and complex sentences may increase your score, but not always. Be concise and simple in your writing whenever possible. 

However, using great vocab is dependent on the sentence context. For example, if you choose to use a synonym, ensure it is contextually appropriate. At the same time, you should avoid the excessive use of synonyms. Instead, use simple terms whenever possible, as I already stated above. Avoid repetition of words at all costs. 

16. Which strategies can I use to get an excellent writing score? 

Ans.- During the test, you are tested on your coherence, formatting skills, and sentence-formation skills. Due to this, you must pay attention to your grammar, spelling, word choice, and sentence structure. Additionally, you should provide an intelligible and coherent reply to the question. It should not be too difficult for you to earn good grades once you grasp these concepts. Read this blog- “PTE Writing: Ways to Improve?” to learn more about improving your writing skills. 

17. What if my phone or headset doesn’t work? 

Ans.- If you face any issue with the equipment, you should contact your administrator. PTE provides and checks the equipment before the exam begins. 

Make sure your questions are answered before the PTE test. For proper preparation, it is recommended that you take a PTE mock test which gives you a real-life environment. And to assist you in this Edutrainex is here with a large number of mock tests and practice questions. Not only this, but are a lot more to explore on Edutrainex. Enroll yourself to unravel more of its characteristics.

So these were the Common questions-PTE Speaking and Writing asked by the PTE enthusiasts. I hope all your queries are clear after reading the blog!

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