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International Student Challenges

When you choose to study abroad, there are several challenges you might face as an international student. The challenges differ from country to country and institution to institution. Some are universal, while others are more specific. 

There is no better place to learn than on a college campus. Although we can read about different cultures, living and studying together is the best way to truly understand their rich diversity. College education often focuses on this aspect, but they discuss it rarely. Learning is personalized and interactive. In spite of all these, being an international student can be challenging. 

There are many challenges international students can face, including language barriers, academic difficulties, social and cultural differences, discrimination, and financial stressors. Despite their complexity, we all have a role to play in resolving these problems. Take a closer look at each challenge and see how the entire community can help. 

1. Language Barrier

As education has become more diverse and exchange programs have been introduced, students are commonly faced with the challenge of learning a foreign language when they move to a country where it is not their native tongue. Moving abroad for study may make it difficult for you to communicate with the natives and integrate with other students. Additionally, you find it difficult to understand what is being taught, making learning more difficult. This is a common challenge for international students. The best way to overcome this challenge is to ask another student to translate for you! In this way, not only will you understand what is taught, but also you will be able to integrate with the group more easily.  

2. Cultural Differences 

When you are in a completely new place, then the cultural difference challenges you face as an international student. So Australian etiquette and rules will also be different. If you are unfamiliar with them, you may have difficulty adapting to the rules, regulations, systems, general manners, etiquette, and the Australian way of life. 

I strongly recommend you to understand the systems because the fines here are extremely high. If you breach any law, you could get a huge penalty for that. Attend the orientation program at your educational institute because they usually cover life information in Australia in these programs. And the easiest way is to befriend any local so that they guide you and give you real-life examples regarding the rules and regulations. 

3. Currency Differences 

The challenge of understanding a different currency is another problem that students often encounter while studying abroad. Make sure that you are familiar with the exchange rate before you pack your bags and board an airplane. A currency converter online, like the one offered by Google, can be helpful to you. 

4. Climate change 

International students can face a number of challenges due to the different climates and weather in different regions. There are some areas that are cooler than others, while other areas are way hotter. The transition from one climatic condition to another can be quite challenging at first. It is recommended that international students change their dress style to adapt to the new conditions they may encounter in their new country. Make new friends with locals and go shopping with them! 

5. Understanding lectures or the lecturers 

Due to language barriers or different accents, you might face challenges as an international student understand their lecturers, trainers, or tutors. And when they don’t understand concepts and study well, they get frustrated and decide to change their study course. 

So the best way to overcome this problem is to speak to your lecturer or tutor and ask them general questions regarding your studies. And in Australia, you will find the lecturers very friendly. So it will be easier for you to interact with them. As you interact, you will learn more about how to shape your career and future. 

6. Search for Accommodation 

When you are planning to go to Australia, then at the first instance itself, the problem that occurs is to Find accommodation, and if you have got one, then share it with others. Finding accommodation becomes a challenge, especially if you are looking for a cheaper one. To deal with it you can choose to share accommodation with other people to save money on rental costs. There are several platforms where you can look for shared rooms, like- Facebook groups, flatmates, etc. 

7. Homesickness 

The move will not only take you away from your family but also from your home country. The experience might be difficult since it may cause one to miss and think about family members a lot. If you can, set up your family’s online communication tools before you leave your home country. So you can always be in contact with your family and friends! You might find it difficult to overcome this challenge but try and think of your new university friends as temporary family. It’s likely you’ll be the same way to them as well! 

8. Making friends 

For any student, the first day of university can be challenging, but it’s even more daunting if you’re from another country. Even so, you should remember that local students will be just as nervous as you, even if they are outnumbered. It might seem trivial to say hello to the person next to you, but they will likely appreciate it and reciprocate. Another great way to socialize and make friends is by joining a sporting club or student society. 

9. Keeping up 

It’s not just the social aspect of moving overseas that needs to be conquered; there’s also the academic aspect. When you have a lot going on outside of the classroom, it can be easy to fall behind. You can find help in a variety of formats, from additional tutoring to study groups to manage your time outside of school more effectively. Your lecturer or tutor can help you determine the best course of action if this doesn’t seem to be working. 

10. Settling down in Australia 

This is one of the biggest challenges for students. Many international students fall in love with Australia after studying here for a while and want to reside here permanently. Even though the student visa’s primary purpose is to study here, some students are eligible for permanent residency following their studies through Australia’s skill select program. 

So to overcome this challenge, consult a registered migration agent about your career plans for studying and settling in Australia. 

Therefore, the experience of studying abroad is one of the most exciting chapters in a student’s life. Travelling, meeting new friends, learning a new language, and obtaining a world-class education are all part of this unique experience. Some people find it difficult to transition to a new country and face challenges along the way. But I hope these challenges and the ideas to overcome them will help you on your new journey to Australia. 

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