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As we all know, Pearson’s Test of English (PTE) Academics Exam tests candidates on their ability to communicate effectively in English. Many experts provide PTE Test candidates with Dos and Do Nots, but very few of you know that implementing a few simple practices for PTE can achieve incredible results. Hence, if you have decided to take the highly sought-after test, here is a list of the best habits curated for you need to develop to get a better score on the PTE. If you want to learn about the PTE Exam format, click here.

Top 10 PTE Habits - New Update 2023 | Crack PTE Test in First Attempt | Edutrainex

Best Habits for PTE #1 – Get used to thinking in English

Think in English! You heard it right! Since PTE Test is solely an English test, it begins with strengthening the basic foundation of the language. It is one of the best habits you should adopt to excel in the PTE exam. Although practicing speaking, reading, and writing in English is definitely useful. However, nothing matches the command you will gain in the language once you start thinking or talking to yourself in the language. Whatever it is in your mind, let it be in English, whether it’s planning your daily routine or simply thinking of what to say when you reply. 

Best Habits for PTE #2 – Interact with those around you who speak English 

Communication in English with your surrounding community is another habit you can add to your daily routine. This is another one on the list of habits in the PTE exam. It will further help you to enhance your grip on the language. It is important to communicate in English regularly, regardless of how sophisticated your vocabulary is or how well you know the language. Similarly, it helps you to identify the most common subconscious mistakes. Make sure to pick family members or friends who are often around you and possess a thorough knowledge of the subject. These people will also help you improve your language skills by constantly correcting you. 

Best Habits for PTE #3 – Get accustomed to reading many books; let this habit sink in! 

The best way to expand your understanding of English, your vocabulary, and the way it is used is to read, read, and read some more. Once you have started and adopted the habits of thinking and speaking in English for PTE, you need to expand your vocabulary, grammar, and usage. In addition to the many benefits of reading and its effect on the mind, scoring well on the PTE exam is another reason that should motivate you to read more and more frequently. 

Newspapers, books, and online journals have a profound impact on how English is understood and presented in written form. As you begin communicating in English, you will need to expand your language, vocabulary, and usage in general as well as in the official context. A good reading habit is clearly beneficial to all the PTE segments. 

Further points to strengthen the best habits for PTE

As you read newspapers, here is how they can help you develop your English skills: 

  1. Vocabulary: Newspapers have lots of new words for you to learn. When you see a new word, try to understand its meaning by reading along and jotting it down. You can later look it up in a dictionary and try using it. That’s how new words are incorporated. This is one of the habits that is of great use for PTE.
  2. Reading Skills: As we know, PTE Academic Reading is the second section of the test. So keeping your comprehensive skills up-to-date is crucial, and newspapers are a great source to do so. 
  3. Grammar: Newspapers are published by experts every day. There are many proofread done in the newspaper, and it is the perfect place to ensure good grammar is used. 
  4. Spelling: Reading words alone usually isn’t enough for people to learn the spelling. Write down any complicated words that you come across. It makes learning spellings easier. 

Best Habits for PTE #4 – Write a journal in English regularly 

Reading, writing, and listening are the three components of the PTE Test, so we cannot ignore practicing English writing. Keeping an English journal can help you cultivate this habit. In this journal, you can write your ideas, thoughts, or any important event of your life. However, you will have to make sure that this habit is to be inculcated to improve your proficiency in the language. Therefore, in this light, you should strictly avoid the use of slang and informal language. 

As you do this, you might be required to learn words to describe a specific event or feeling, which will also improve your vocabulary. Writing in English and keeping a journal can significantly improve your chance of getting a higher score on the PTE exam. 

Points to consider while adopting these best habits for PTE: 

  1. Writing: No big deal, really. First, learn to express your thoughts in words without being afraid to do so. Lastly, edit and improve what you have written. 
  2. Grammar & Spelling: Your writing may be a test of your English fluency. Use tools like Grammarly to check your writing or take other people’s feedback. 

Best Habits for PTE #5 – Concentrate on improving your vocabulary 

Today, you can find a long list of exercises to enrich your vocabulary on Google, and you can practice them independently. This is one of the habits that will help you in daily life as well apart from PTE. You can use flashcards, memorize a set of words, or even a puzzle game that would help you boost your vocabulary. You can even read English newspapers for varied vocabulary. In addition to it reading novels would further complement in honing your skills. 

Best Habits for PTE #6 – Play games that sharpen your brain 

You already know that PTE is about testing your knowledge of English. But it is also a test to check your swiftness, presence of mind, and time management. Since you know how important time is in this exam, so play games like crossword puzzles, memory games, scrabble, etc. Playing such games will train your brain to make quick decisions and also be confident about them. And if you sharpen your time management skills, half the battle is already won! 

Challenge yourself by choosing short, challenging exercises. In addition, you can work on building your vocabulary with vocabulary-building exercises. The games and exercises will improve your reaction time, which is very useful for PTE. 

Best Habits for PTE #7 – Participate in group discussions 

A PTE Test requires spontaneity, which is why many test-takers fail because they are too afraid to speak in English, even if it means speaking into a microphone inside a small cabin. In this regard, it is quite useful to engage in a discussion with a group of like-minded people. You will not only improve your language skills and acquire the right modulations but also develop leadership skills and become more confident by participating in such group discussions. 

The ability to converse in groups, engage in friendly debates about current events, or debate any topic will improve your communication skills, pronunciation, and fluency, all of which are necessary for a good score on the PTE. 

Best Habits for PTE #8 – Practise PTE by looking into a mirror 

Spend some time talking to yourself in the mirror each morning. As you do so, be mindful of your body language and make the necessary changes, maintain a positive attitude, and give yourself five positive remarks. See yourself getting smarter and more confident as you do this exercise on a daily basis! 

PTE Best Habit #9 – Practice reading aloud 

When preparing for the PTE exam, reading aloud can be an effective tool and habit to develop. If you read aloud you will improve your pronunciation, vocabulary, filler words, and other skills that are very helpful in the section of the PTE. 

  1. Speaking: As you continue speaking and forming words, You’ll find it easier to speak without putting in Too Much Effort.  
  2. Oral Fluency: Speaking fluently doesn’t mean speaking fast, but rather speaking clearly and without unnecessary pauses. It may be a little challenging if you’re a beginner, but you can do it. 

PTE Best Habit #10 – Take a recording of your voice 

It’s good practice to prepare a small speech and then read it aloud while you record yourself or dictate a passage from a book to give you an idea of how your voice will sound in a microphone. Keep an eye out for natural habits like adding fillers in place of required words. As a result, you will significantly improve your PTE exam scores, and your pronunciation and speech pattern will also improve. 

PTE Best Habit #11 – Meditation

Meditating may seem counter-intuitive to improving PTE scores, but it helps you build focus and concentration, both of which are useful during the 3-hour PTE test. Meditation can relieve stress and help you feel calmer when studying for the PTE exam. 

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