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Australia Training Visa

Foreigners who wish to attend training to improve their professional skills must obtain an Australia training visa 407. Basically, there are different types of training programs covered by this visa, depending on which type of training you want to pursue. So, in this article, you will learn all the related aspects of the Australia Training Visa.

So, let us first start with understanding what Australia Training Visa is.

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Australia Training Visa 407 – What Is It? 

As has been noted, the 407 visa is a temporary visa issued to individuals who are attending a work training course. 

You can enroll in a training program to improve your skills for your current occupation or field of study in higher education, as well as a professional training program to enhance your skills for higher education. Explicitly the cost of a training visa 407 for Australia is AUD 315. However, the visa charge for a training visa can change depending on your circumstances. 

Talking of the time of processing of visa then, most training visa applications are processed within 14 months. However, missing information from your visa application may delay the processing time. 

Coming to Australia with a Training Visa doesn’t mean you can get permanent residency in Australia. For permanent residency in Australia, you must apply for a permanent skilled worker visa. 

Furthermore, with the Australia Training Visa, you can work only 40 hours over a period of two weeks. You will be allowed to work only if the work is related to your training or the course you are taking. 

Criteria for Australia Training Visa Eligibility 

The following requirements must be met in order to qualify for this kind of training visa in Australia: 

  • Sponsored. 
  • Sponsored by an approved entity. 
  • Invited (if sponsored by a Commonwealth Government institution). 

Your visa applications must accompany nominations and sponsorships. 

Australia Training Visa Requirements 

Here is the list of documents you need to submit to receive a training visa 407 for Australia: 

  • Passport and IDs- It is necessary for you to provide an up-to-date passport and identification. Among these are birth certificates, national ID cards, driver’s licenses, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, and adoption papers. There may also be a requirement for you to submit a photograph and fingerprints. 
  • Letter of invitation- You must provide a copy of your invitation letter if an Australian Commonwealth Government institution sponsors you. 
  • Proof of sponsorship- For an Australia training visa, applicants must provide:
    • Sponsorship approval letter or receipt proving sponsorship application submission. 
    • An approval letter or receipt that proves your sponsor has submitted the nomination application. 
    • Sponsor’s written statement that they will meet all your and all your family members’ obligations. 
  • The Volunteer Form- The nomination form must be accompanied by forms 1283 and 1284 if the training is a volunteer position. 
  • Documentation of qualification- Provide a copy of your resume, qualifications, and registrations or licenses (if applicable). Your current employer must provide a letter detailing your position and responsibilities on company letterhead. 
  • Documents related to financial funds- Proof of your ability to support yourself and your family members (if any):
    • Statements of bank accounts. 
    • Financial statement from your bank. 
    • Contracts of employment. 
    • Sponsors’ proof of allowances, stipends, and accommodations. 
    • Support letter from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (if supported or receiving AusAid). 
  • A health insurance policy- Health insurance in Australia is important for you and any family members coming with you. Choose a reputable provider when purchasing insurance. 
  • Evidence of English Language Proficiency- If English is not your first language, you must prove you have sufficient language skills. You can submit your diploma if you graduated from an English-speaking elementary or secondary school. For language proficiency in Australia, you can also provide a certificate from one of the following tests:
    • Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE). 
    • TOEFL. 
    • IELTS. 
    • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE). 
  • The evidence of a good character- The requirements for character in Australia are essential to prove. A few of the requirements are as follows- 
  • No weighty criminal record. 
  • Not convicted of domestic violence. 
  • Not subjected to a restraining order as a result of domestic violence. 
  • Not accused, convicted, or charged guilty with sexual assault towards a minor (one or more offences). 
  • Not considered a security risk by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation. 
  • Not subject to an Interpol notice, which may label you as a possible risk to the Australian community. 
  • Not a known member of a group or association, previously or currently, that is suspected to be involved in criminal activity. 
  • Requirements for occupational training- Your country’s competent institution must issue you a letter naming you as the recipient. In the letter, you must also mention that you need this training to continue working within your occupation, such as a license, registration, or membership. 
  • A letter from the appropriate authority or regulatory body stating that you have conditional registration for the training- If you are a healthcare professional who will treat patients during training, you need this letter. 
  • Statement of Australian Values- You must sign a declaration affirming your respect for Australian laws and regulations. 
  • Obtaining assistance documents- Provide the following documents if you need assistance with your visa application:
    • Form 956a – Authorized Recipient. 
    • Form 956 for Migration Agent Help. 
    • An explanation uploaded to your ImmiAccount in written. 

Additional documents for family members 

When applying for a visa, you must include the following information for your dependents like their identification, evidence of registered relationship, parental consent if traveling with the minor, etc. And in case you are traveling with children over 18, you will have to submit the identity documents, meet the character requirements, evidence of relationship, evidence of financial dependence, and many more. 

You may bring a child over 23 if they are unable to provide for themselves due to cognitive limitations or similar circumstances and are dependent on you or your partner. 

The next question that arises is how to apply for Australia Training Visa. So let us see what the procedure is. 

What are the steps to applying for a training visa in Australia? 

In order to apply for a training visa 407, you need to create an ImmiAccount online: 

  1. Create an ImmiAccount. 
  2. Obtain a visa and submit it. 
  3. Gather the necessary documents. 
  4. Pay the application fee. 

Create an ImmiAccount 

Applicants must create an ImmiAccount before submitting their online applications. Open a new account if you don’t have one. Creating an ImmiAccount is free- you just need to use your email and create a password. 

Obtain a visa and submit it 

Fill out the training visa form 407 in your ImmiAccount by selecting the form and clicking on it. Ensure that your personal information is up-to-date on the form. Sign and submit the form once you have completed it. You can then proceed with the rest of the application. 

Gather the Necessary Documents 

Whenever you submit an online application, you must attach scanned copies of your documents. Copies must be colored, just like the originals. In order to be accepted by the Immigration Office, your documents must meet its requirements. Furthermore, your documents must be in English. Ensure that they are translated as needed. 

Prepare your documents and attach them to your ImmiAccount when they are ready. Be sure to keep copies of all your documents. 

Pay the Application Fee 

To process your visa, you must pay the application fee. The ImmiAccount allows you to use a credit card, PayPal, UnionPay, or Bpay to make a payment. 

Australia Training Visas: Occupational Types 

Based on the purpose of your training, there are three types of occupational training visas: 

  • Occupational training needed for registration. 
  • Enhancing your skills in an eligible occupation through occupational training. 
  • Overseas Capacity Building Through Occupational Training 

How Can a Training Visa 407 Be Sponsored? 

Those who are approved temporary activities sponsors can sponsor you. It can be:

  • Any Australian organization operating legally in Australia (a company, a non-profit organization, a partnership, and so on). 
  • Australian Commonwealth institutions or government agencies. 
  • Australian-recognized international organization. 
  • Operators of superyachts or captains of superyachts. 
  • Sporting organization based in Australia. 
  • In Australia, a religious institution or organization. 

You must also be able to be directly trained by your sponsor in order to obtain a training visa 407. 

So after knowing about all these aspects of the Australia Training Visa, many have the queries like if it is possible for them to change their sponsor for it. Well, I have the answer to this as well. Read the article ahead. 

Option of changing the sponsor- 

If you wish, you can change your sponsor. The new sponsor must nominate you, and after the approval of the new nomination, you can continue training. In the event you change sponsors, as long as the training program is the same, you do not have to apply for a new visa. 

You require a new visa if you change your training program. In order to apply for a new visa, you must have continuous sponsorship. 

What is the maximum length of stay with a training visa in Australia? 

Australian training visas are usually valid for two years and are temporary. Depending on your circumstances, you may be granted a visa for a lesser time. Also, you cannot extend the training visa. You must apply for another visa to stay longer after your visa expires. Otherwise, you must leave Australia as soon as your visa expires. 

When you apply for Australia Training Visa, you must also keep in mind the conditions in which it might get canceled.

Australia Training Visa- Cancellation 

The Immigration Office may cancel your training visa 407 if you fail to meet the following conditions: 

  • Training Work- As stated above, you already know the condition of working with a Training Visa. Additionally, you can only work within the activity in which you were nominated. 
  • Travel insurance must be valid- Throughout the validity period of your visa, you should have valid health insurance. 
  • Arrive on time in Australia- You cannot enter Australia before the primary visa holder if you are applying as a family member. 
  • Ensure you leave Australia on time- Those with training visas must leave Australia by the specified date. Family members who accompany the primary applicant must leave Australia with them or before them. 
  • Be sure to provide a valid address- Upon entering Australia, you must inform the Immigration Office of your address within 7 days. You have to submit the Change of contact and/or passport details form to the Central Office of Immigration in the Australia Capital Territory. 
  • Don’t be disruptive- Don’t engage in activities that could result in violence, conflict, or harm to the Australian community. 
  • Stay no longer- After your training visa expires, you cannot stay in Australia. 
  • Meet the visa requirements- Maintain the initial criteria that led to granting your visa. 
  • Ensure to meet outstanding public interests
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