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We operate as a team with excellent knowledge in English language tests, specially PTE. Our team of technology and PTE experts are helping a lot of students worldwide to achieve great results.

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With our founders belonging to alumni of prestigious universities from the United Kingdom and India, we have developed the Edutrainex PTE learning software, which has worldclass features to help the students in every way possible. Being alumni of Cardiff University (UK) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM Indore), you can rely on our experience and expertise to assure you of success.

A Team of dedicated PTE Academics lead us

With teachers having experience throughout the globe, including London, Sydney and Australia, and with more than 15 years of teaching experience in various academics. This huge amount of knowledge and experience in English language skills, including PTE and IELTS, our students are guaranteed to succeed if they follow our learning plan. Join us today to learn the exclusive tricks to master the PTE exam in your first attempt.

We produce successful students

Our smart PTE software would monitor your performance at real-time and our PTE experts also pay attention to all individual students. With the help of super-intelligent PTE training software, we have the ability to pin-point students' weaker areas, and we are able to help and improve them in a precise manner. Not only that, we also share strategies, templates and most repeated PTE exam questions with our students, taking their scores to the next level.

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